Auctus releases Pension Platform Demo on Ethereum Testnet

Auctus, who is aiming to revolutionize the retirement industry, by putting pension savers back in control, just released its first milestone – The Auctus Demo.

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The mission behind Auctus is to create an Ethereum Smart Contract driven retirement savings platform, that increases transparency, automates processes and is ultimately empowering pension savers to be more in control and better informed about their pension.

The Auctus Demo

The Auctus Demo was released on the Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet and simulates the creation of a simplified pension contract, by entering details of pension savers, employee contribution, asset allocation among other constraints. Subsequently you can see how the smart contracts are being deployed, based on the characteristics that have been entered. The demo is ended by a user dashboard with pension savings projections. Overall a solid demo that illustrates the development capabilities of the Auctus team.

The code, which is available on Github, uses a .NET Core architecture with a MVC presentation layer. The demo automatically generates and deploys smart contracts, using Solidity programming language and the Ethereum network as a backbone for all contribution collections and payouts. More details about how to try the demo can be found on Auctus’ blog.

ICOs becoming more professional

Six months ago, even some of the most promising ICO projects had sometimes only a whitepaper prior to their main token sale. Auctus and other recent projects are an example of a change in the crypto industry. The best project teams increasingly start to develop demos, release alpha code and manage to secure partnerships prior to their main token sale.

Next step

According to Auctus’ roadmap, the next deliverable is the development of an alpha platform. Auctus is stating that the purpose of the demo was to illustrate the smart contract generation and a basic dashboard, whereas the alpha will be much broader and represent the actual vision of their whitepaper.

Auctus has launched a mandatory whitelist for their token sale at