Atlanta Attorney’s Office Cybercrime Unit Will Take An Aggressive Approach

Cybercrime is a topic of substantial debate as of late. Governments all over the world are looking at ways to incorporate new security measures in the future. The Atlanta Attorney office has announced the creation of their cybercrime cell. The objective is simple: thwart any online crime against the United States.

Atlanta Attorney’s Office Takes Fight To Cybercrime

Setting up a cybercrime unit within the Atlanta US Attorney’s Office makes a lot of sense at this stage. US customers, as well as Internet users around the world, are under constant threat from criminals. Moreover, the recent extradition of two Nigerians based in Malaysia who executed phishing attacks against US customers has inspired this decision.

The Department of Justice fully backs this new cybercrime unit, as they feel that the time has come to fight the growing cybercrime threats. Moreover, the protection of national interests is more important than ever before. It is not unlikely that we will see future cybercrime units being established in other US states over the coming years.

The unit itself will mainly operate within the Financial Fraud and Cybercrime Section of the Atlanta Attorney’s Office. Staffers will be assisted by no less than five federal prosecutors in their job of supporting national agencies that investigate computer crimes. Hacking, intrusions, DDoS attacks, and the distribution of malware are the four top priorities for this new outfit moving forward.

One of the things that law enforcement agencies struggle with is uncovering the identities of online criminals. This new cybercrime unit will go through the same struggles, although they will maintain a far more “aggressive” approach to identity cybercrime. For now, it remains unclear as to what this means exactly, but it does not bode well for online criminals.

One important note to take away from the official statement is the following:

“The unit will also focus on building and maintaining productive working relationships with the private sector, collaborating on cyber defense practices through one-on-one meetings, seminars, panels, task forces, and case interactions.  Cyber prosecutors in the office already regularly participate in numerous speaking engagements each year, and will continue to do so as part of the cyber unit.“

The official statement also seems to indicate that future extraditions of cyber criminals is not out of the question either. Global cooperation among law enforcement agencies and the private sector will make this venture a success. The new cybercrime unit will have their work cut out for them, though, as the online crime trend is only growing more pervasive every quarter.

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