ARK Sponsors the World’s Premier Blockchain Conference

Blockchain technology has revolutionised the modern world. Transactions and exchanges on a global scale have never been easier, as we begin to unlock the full potential of the blockchain. The implementation of blockchain technology has completely revamped a number of industries. However, so many different blockchain systems are incompatible, interoperability has previously been impossible. ARK is an innovative blockchain startup that seeks to bridge this gap. By incorporating an all-encompassing blockchain network ARK is beginning to realise the potential of the blockchain through “smartbridge” technology.

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All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

ARK is offering users, developers and blockchain startups a way to communicate across platforms. Using smartbridge technology users from one blockchain can trigger an event in another blockchain such as sending compatible tokens. Once the user from the initial chain executes an order, ARK will transfer the information to the other chain, which is then immediately recorded. This allows for an easy and efficient environment, without the confusion of transferring between different chains for every transaction or smart contract.

ARK is already has fully functioning models with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin blockchains, and is rebuilding the ARK block system to allow compatibility. They also offer one-click blockchain deployment which allows other companies to start an ARK clone and build on its pre-compatible chain.

Ark in Consensus 2018

ARK has the potential for mass adoption by delivering services that consumers and developers equally need. Their aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains makes ARK highly flexible, scalable and adaptable. With such a platform, ARK is keen to spread the word. They are now participating in and sponsoring Consensus 2018, one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world.

ARK wants you to get involved! By sponsoring Consensus it will network with some of the the most established players in the sector. By attracting even more innovative minds and enthusiasts, ARK looks to to establish themselves as a market leader and a figure head in the blockchain community.

This year, Consensus will have its 4th annual meeting, which is to be held at Hilton Midtown, New York City, between 14th and 16th May. The event has a real buzz around it, with an expected attendance of over 5,000 people. During the three day event, more than 250 experts will weigh in on various aspects of the blockchain sector. The attendees will be a collection of industry startups, financial institutions, academic groups and tech leaders. These bright minds are welcomed to engage with ARK’s all-in-one blockchain solution.

The ARK team are set to be a key figure in the conference, with a booth to accommodate visitors. The team will also provide a meeting room for one-to-one meetings and discussions. The entire event will fully showcase ARK as the team networks with the community. The first day will start with a presentation from ARK, followed by Blockport. These are then follow by a technical presentation from the team, who will fully explain the benefits of ARK.

The second and third day will be filled with insightful meetings and unique presentations. These will take place all day, thanks to the committed ARK team. Some of these discussions will offer great insight into ARK’s vision and how they are set to revolutionise the blockchain world. The ARK team can be found in booth #113 and visitors are encouraged to engage in one-to-one meetings or public discussions.

ARK is proud to announce their new chapter that is set to usher in a new era for the blockchain sector. With a fast, decentralised platform the full potential of the blockchain will be unlocked. Don’t miss out on ARK at Consensus 2018 and join the ARK community on their exciting expedition.

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