ARK Announces Imminent Release of Core v2

ARK is proud to announce that ARK Core v2 is near completion and currently on ARK’s internal testnet and it’s very close to releasing the code for public testing on Devnet. However, the blockchain startup has refrained from announcing a specific date for the public release, saying that it would be mere speculations due to the nature of development and community feedback that is expected to shape this development. The public are, however, encouraged to participate in trying out the various features Core V2 has to offer when it finally launches. Anyone is capable of reviewing, hacking/testing the platform, reporting bugs, or even offer creative suggestion for improvements.

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ARK Core V2

ARK will release the Core v2 in two stages. The first is structured to include a new dynamic fee structure, multisig upgrade, and updated TPS (transactions per second). Subsequently, the second stage of v2, which requires a hard fork, will be released. This stage will help  integrate AIP11 multi payments, token Swaps, token timelock and transaction expirations. Most integration was fused into v1, but with the current revamping of that version, the port to v2 will be inaugurated. Core v2 functionality is fully compatible with the preceding protocol. It is notable that to establish the transition, a hard fork will be implemented and the new block height revealed by ARK.  

Remodeling And Overhaul

ARK network has been welcomed as a revolutionary project that provides its growing community of developers and users with innovative blockchain technologies. The network aims to introduce an ecosystem linked with chains and endless virtual use-cases with flexibility, adaptability, and scalability.  Designed for mass adoption and various services needed by developers and clients. ARK networks has witnessed unprecedented growth with its committed community, but by November of 2017, the network decided it was time for a complete refurbishment of the ARK core code.

Block Times and Delegates remains same

ARK  has no plans in place to influence the block creation times.  Block times are native to the network latencies when establishing consensus, or in reduction of nodes, delegates and management of dedicated servers location, and can undermines the premise of decentralization when influenced.

Consequently the number of delegates will not be altered — remaining the same at 51. Any alteration to increase this number would demand extensive testing and higher volume of latencies. And also require reducing TPS and increasing blocktimes.

Dynamic Fees Structure

ARK Core v2 will enable flexible fees at client and creation level without the need for a hard fork unlike the Core v2 protocol. This feature is making ARK the world’s first  DPoS Blockchain to run a dynamic fee structure. ARK Core v2 is loaded with several new features, such as, speed, modularity, and is available for hackers to utilize and contribute on. For a fully listed and in-depth information on the new version of the Core client, along with all the unique of  features, view this ARK blog post.

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