Are You Ready? The Qurrex ICO Public Sale Will Begin in June

The Qurrex ICO public token sale is due to begin next month. This is exciting news for cryptocurrency  enthusiasts  who have been waiting for more than two months after the initial ICO was postponed in February 2018.

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The unprecedented demand from the initial pre-token sale in February generated considerable interest from a wealth of investment funds. This caused Qurrex to re-think the launch date of their ICO public sale.

With the month of June around the corner, Qurrex is ready to launch what is already one of the most exciting and eagerly-awaited public sales in the cryptocurrency market of recent years.

Despite the interest of investment funds, which was detected at the pre-sale stage, potentially reducing the number of Qurrex tokens (QRX) available when the ICO public sale is launched later this month, this hasn’t dampened investor enthusiasm in any way. Indeed, many have been counting down the days until the ICO public sale begins.

To ensure an efficient public sale, Qurrex opened a whitelist registration where cryptocurrency investors were able to register their interest in purchasing tokens and receive notifications of important dates in the run-up to the ICO launch.

With that date now just over the horizon, it seems as good a time as any to explore why the Qurrex ICO public sale has generated so much buzz in the cryptocurrency sector.

Designed to meet the challenges of the dramatic appreciation of cryptocurrencies across the globe, resulting in interest from brokers and institutional investors gaining significant momentum, Qurrex is a hybrid trading platform that facilitates secure, high-performance trading utilising the best accumulated knowledge from traditional and blockchain exchange platforms.

The next-generation platform integrates the industrial, centralised infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX), including the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) with a decentralised blockchain network (DEX).

Capable of handling up to 70,000 operations per second with a latency of 650 microseconds at 99%, the platform has already been tested by, not only the Qurrex team but, a selected number of professionals in the cryptocurrency market with glowing results recorded. Indeed, today Qurrex reaches 200 million traders and their clients globally and 20,000 professional investors.

Qurrex will significantly increase market liquidity and will set a new standard for crypro-exchange products. Professional traders, both in traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies, and institutional investors have already recognised that the reliability, security and speed of the Qurrex platform, believing strongly that the platform is set to revolutionise the industry.

The sale fixed rate is set to be equal to one ETH (Ethereum) or BTC (Bitcoin) and LTC (Litecoin). At the end of the public sale, if the ETH to USD rate be 5% or higher than the fixed sale price, Qurrex will the credit additional tokens to client’s ETH address, or to their personal cabinet account.

Additional tokens credited per 1 ETH will be calculated as the maximum of the present ETH rate, or the fixed sale price times by the sum of one plus the sale volume bonus.

Are you ready for Qurrex’s ICO public sale? In what promises to be a historic month for, not only Qurrex but, the cryptocurrency market, it stands to reason that it’s time to get yourself ready for the ICO public sale.