Are Heads-Up Displays the Next Technological Frontier for Autonomous Vehicles?

When automotive technology and heads-up displays come together, interesting things are bound to happen. Heads-up displays could have many benefits for drivers and passengers alike, as might touchscreens. For now, buyers of the Tesla Model 3 can only dream of seeing this technology in their car one day.

Heads-up Displays in Cars are Intriguing

A lot of drivers would like to have heads-up displays in their cars for various reasons. They could be used as a way for one’s car to successfully pass along information to the driver such as traffic information, directions, and speed limits. Seeing all of these details on a center-mounted windshield display would be extremely helpful, although it could also make things a bit dangerous. Taking one’s eyes off the road at any given time while driving is never advised.

The Tesla Model 3 may have a solution for this problem, though. A heads-up display projecting images onto the windshield would make a lot more sense. That will not be easy to achieve, however, since the Model 3 does not come with the necessary interior hardware. It features the same windscreen we have seen in cars for multiple generations now. That does not mean the situation will not be improved upon in the future.

Considering that the Tesla Model 3 is the proverbial poster child for self-driving cars, some have expected its windshield to act as a heads-up display. While the car drove itself, the windshield could perhaps be turned into a touchscreen of sorts allowing the driver to become more productive. Even if it were simply used to display information and not necessarily used for entertainment purposes, it would make a lot of sense to equip cars with a large tablet.

Full automation in vehicles is still years away. The technology is not fully usable yet, and regulations and other concerns also need to be taken into account. Having important information on a tablet mounted next to the steering wheel, which appears to be the plan for now, will force drivers to take their eyes off the road. A HUD seems to be the right way forward, though Tesla is not necessarily leaning in that direction at present.

Tesla is an innovative company which aims to combine the best of new technologies and provide it to consumers at a somewhat affordable price. It is one of the main entities that is revolutionizing the automotive industry as a whole. At some point, companies will have to start considering integrating heads-up displays in their cars, because it seems to be the right way forward.  Having all necessary information at eye level without having to look away will allow for safer driving altogether.

Indeed, a heads-up display replacing a traditional windshield sounds a lot scarier than it really is. It takes people a lot of time to embrace newer technologies, regardless of the benefits they may provide in the long run. Heads-up displays will come to vehicles of the future, regardless of whether they are fully autonomous or not. A self-driving vehicle equipped with a HUD makes a lot of sense.