Arctic Bearz – The NFT That Plans To Save Polar Bears

It takes years of planning to think of a project that will save endangered animals. You have to consider probably a hundred different aspects and then come up with the plan. For many, it may seem like an impossible task. To the team of Arctic Bearz NFT, it was a straightforward approach; they wanted to involve animal lovers in the mix so that they could be a part of their program. That led to the development of an NFT that would give investors a chance to adopt polar bears.

Plan to save endangered animals

The team of Arctic Bearz includes the following members:

  • Zakius, the founder and project manager
  • Carter, the co-founder and community developer
  • Lewis, the crypto enthusiast

These three have one thing in common – they love animals. They also have a common aim – to protect animals, especially the endangered ones. With this common aim, the three decided to start a program that would not just help endangered animals but also give animal lovers a chance to contribute to the noble cause. They also considered the aspect that if animal lovers contribute, they may want something in exchange. That led to the plan of coming up with Arctic Bearz NFTs.

Sure, there are tons of NFTs out there that link to impressive artwork, gaming characters, and even real estate, but you may not find anything related to animal welfare. Arctic Bearz stands out from the crowd because of its unique idea. It combines animal welfare with the profitability of NFTs. On the one hand, you become a part of the project that saves endangered polar bears. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hold on to your NFT after a few months or years, and see that its price is much higher than what you had bought it for, you can sell it and make some profit.

The Unmissable NFT

Arctic Bearz is the new buzz in the NFT industry these days. Once the founders started posting about the project on its Twitter and Instagram page, animal lovers from different corners of the world started responding. They wanted to buy the NFTs not because they would later go on to sell them, but because they cared about the safety of the endangered polar bears.

The international status of polar bears stands at ‘vulnerable,’ which means that if people don’t act now, they may become extinct within the next few years. The Arctic Bearz NFT is a step towards ensuring their existence in the future.

Crypto and NFT enthusiasts who want to be a part of the decentralized finance world are literally getting impatient about the launch of Arctic Bearz NFTs. They believe that this is a one-of-a-kind NFT that has the spine to stand up for animals, and they deserve the respect from NFT and animal lovers. 

The founders will mint 3500 Arctic Bearz soon, but the pre-sale announcement is still a mystery. You can register on Arctic Bearz’s Discord and follow its social media handles to receive the latest updates about its minting date.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.