Apple Users in 30 Countries Can Now Send PayPal Transfers Through Siri

PayPal is one of the most commonly used online payment systems in the world today. Although the majority of its transfers relate to credit cards, there is support for bank-based transfers in select countries as well. But the company is looking to the future and integration with Siri to allow for voice-based payment transfers to thirty countries.

PayPal Ventures Into A New World of Sending Payments

Technological solutions such as Siri will have an impact on our daily lives. While most people use voice commands to look something up through Siri, other- use cases are waiting to be unlocked. Sending money transfers around the world with a voice command, for example, may become the new norm a lot sooner than anticipated.

PayPal is among the first online payment giants to venture into this new world of money transfers. By integrating the PayPal tools into Siri, iPhone and iPad users are now able to send money to 30 different countries with a few simple voice commands. Moreover, they can do so in a variety of languages, which is a smart decision by the payment giant.

It is nice to see established financial enterprises experimenting with different types of technology. Even though there are still doubts regarding Siri as a voice assistant, the technology does have its merits. Giving it the option to send payments around the world will be a thorough test of its capabilities, for sure.

Unfortunately, this feature will only be available to users with access to iOS 10. Despite the slight drawback, Paypal expects to see at least 17 million Siri-based P2P transfers in the month of December 2016. That is quite an optimistic projection, although it is not impossible to achieve, by any means.

PayPal is not the first company to venture into the Siri world for making payments, though. Venmo, a subsidiary of the online payment giant, enabled voice command-based payment support in September of 2016. Square Cash and Azimo followed a similar approach, although neither of these parties have released official transaction numbers so far.

It will be interesting to see if these Siri integrations pay off for the payment processors. Assuming they do, it could be worth looking into by Bitcoin payment processors and wallet providers as well. After all, bringing more convenience to cryptocurrency payments can help boost adoption in the long run.

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