Another Blockchain Taskforce Wants to Tackle the Coronavirus Crisis

The quest for utilizing blockchain technology during the coronavirus crisis is far from over. INATBA is launching its own COVID Task Force with the help of the EU Commission and UC London.

It is remarkable how innovative technologies are suddenly in high demand again.

Blockchain and the Coronavirus Remain an odd mix

For blockchain, that is all the more surprising.

While hyped up for many years, it has yet to receive multiple real-world use cases.

Due to this coronavirus crisis, it seems that those use cases may be found after all.

A new COVID task force wants to explore the potential of distributed ledger technology in this regard.

INATBA is confident that they can develop blockchain apps to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Building a database of solutions for public and private use is the first order of business.

With the help of the European Commission and University College of London, a lot of progress can be made in quick succession.

The coronavirus crisis has triggered many unprecedented challenges that have no easy fix to them.

What role blockchain will play in all of this, is a different matter altogether.

There is only so much the blockchain can do in terms of COVID-19, albeit there are options to explore regardless.

Particularly contract tracing solutions are in high demand right now, yet it is crucial to look beyond the current crisis as well.