Amsterdam’s SANE Bar Becomes The latest To Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been making plenty of advances in various sectors such as finance and retail, but when it comes down to the daily essentials there is still a way to go. However Bitcoin City Amsterdam has evolved yet again to allow citizens to purchase breakfast from the SANE juice bar.

Selling a wide variety of foods from salads to juices the bar serves a wide range customers catering for the needs of a growing population. Serving a variety of food products, the juice Bar has become the latest establishment to accept Bitcoin. Recognising Bitcoins benefits they stated the following:

“Some people come and say: “Wow, we can pay in bitcoin!”. Some people ask: “What is that?” Some people say: “I am not paying in bitcoin now, because the value is much less than it was before so I will keep my bitcoins for now and pay you in euros”

Bitcoin and its use on everyday life is being pioneered by projects similar to SANE which allow Bitcoin users to use Bitcoin on a daily basis the way currency is meant to be used. With a handful of people attempting to live of Bitcoin through out the day, it is not as simple as it seems with a small number of restaurants around the country accepting Bitcoin. Whilst SANE may have a lot to offer, it seems that the Bitcoin has been making plenty of progress in adoption around the country in a variety of services.

Bitcoin and the food industry

The food industry has been highlighted as one of the most beneficial industries for Bitcoin to expand into. Whilst Bitcoins properties make it ideal and suited to the Food and Retail markets, the bitcoin has a long way to go to make breakthroughs in these markets. Whilst Bitcoin can allow for advances in the way the industry works as a whole the simplicity behind the cryptocurrency and its integration into modern life is also highlighted as one of the main aspects making it suited to hospitality industries and services. The fact Bitcoin transactions are instant and almost free has also been seen as a favourable feature allowing for customers to send tips and pay for small items of food from restaurants and breakfasts. As seen in the juice bar, SANE, the success of Bitcoin has been put into action with the bar receiving a growing number of Bitcoin purchases. With Amsterdam already one of the most Bitcoin friendly cities it is hoped Bitcoin will breakthrough various industries and make further advances in the food industry as highlighted by SANE which has pioneered Bitcoin as a payment method.

Images courtesy of BitPost

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