Alttradex Plans To Shake Up The Exchange Space

Alttradex, a promising new cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched its ICO which will run through to the 5th of December. In the latter stage of obtaining a licence that would enable them to have a strong input on regulations in that jurisdiction, Alttradex believes in working with the regulators rather than against them.

A state of the art platform built by traders, for traders and with upcoming regulation in mind, Alttradexs ICO will not only enable them to raise funds for ongoing development and marketing but it will also enable them to build a community of traders from day one and therefor generate revenue at an early stage. With the ability to process 1M+ transactions per second and to grab liquidity from a number of other platforms, the Alttradex platform will enable traders to trade their coins 24/7 without seeing big drops in liquidity in the coins they want to trade.

alttradex pr

The Alttradex platform puts a heavy focus on customer support, therefore the platform will be structured with 24h rotating support teams in order to provide a seamless customer experience. Although this means considerable investment, it is vital for customers to receive a response to their queries in a timely manner. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream it is essential that the platforms that connect customers to cryptocurrencies operate in a professional manner and that customers are given a service that is up to scratch, which is generally not the case at the moment on crypto trading platforms despite the huge revenues.

Exchanges are at the forefront of the growth in the cryptocurrency world, without them customers and potential customers will exit or never enter the market. It is essential that new professional platforms emerge in order for the cryptocurrency market to grow exponentially.  Alttradex is the latest of the new exchanges emerging via ICOs. Binance, who did an ICO in July, have already made it to the top 5 in terms of daily volumes.

There is a real chance for competent platforms to become household names over the next 5 to 10 years, Alttradex aims to be one of them.  More information about the Alttradex platform as well as the ICO is available on the official site:

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