AlphaBay Darknet Marketplace Disappears Amid Exit Scam Rumors

Frequent darknet users will not be too pleased regarding the AlphaBay outage. When the world’s most popular darknet marketplace goes offline for multiple days without warning or further explanation, things are not looking good. Various people claim this is a major exit scam, whereas others feel the team is working on relaunching the site as soon as possible.

AlphaBay Outage has Many People Concerned

One cannot deny the growth of AlphaBay as one of the top darknet places around the world. Back in October of 2015, the platform was home to around 200,000 people from all over the world. This was when darknet marketplaces only started to catch the eye of mainstream media outlets. Considering how Silk Road and its predecessors saw multiple people getting arrested in the years prior, darknet marketplaces have never been a guarantee for success.

AlphaBay successfully defied the odds though, and quickly rose the ranks to become the world’s most infamous marketplace of them all. Despite competition from Hansa, Dream, and Abraxas, no one can deny AlphaBay has become a household name. Even people who have never used the darknet will be well aware of this platform and what it entails exactly.

It appears something very wrong with AlphaBay as of right now. Three days ago, the popular marketplace suddenly disappeared without any notice. Some people immediately claimed how this is scheduled maintenance. However, the platform and its administrators often warn people in advance when maintenance is supposed to happen. That did not occur in this particular case, which leaves lots of room for speculation as to what is going on exactly.

One of the conspiracy theories floating around claims how AlphaBay has pulled off a major exit scam. Similar to most other darknet markets, AlphaBay uses an escrow system on behalf of buyers and sellers. They act as a custodian for the Bitcoin funds being transferred until the buyer confirms the goods have been received in the expected condition. Moreover, users can fund their platform wallet with cryptocurrency to complete transactions in a smoother manner.

Even though darknet exit scams are rather common, it remains unclear what is going on with AlphaBay right now. One cannot remain the top dog in the darknet marketplace industry for multiple years without attracting attention from law enforcement agencies. It is possible agents infiltrated the platform and tried to bring it down from within. An exit scam is also likely, albeit based on nothing but speculation. Rest assured the whole community is anxiously awaiting the return of their beloved marketplace.

Assuming AlphaBay does not return soon, its vendors and buyers will have to look for different solutions. It is expected both Dream and Hansa will benefit from this situation, according to Digital Shadows’ Rick Holland. If that is the case, things will get quite interesting, to say the least.  We will keep an eye on the AlphaBay situation and update our readers accordingly. So far, there is no evidence regarding any foul play,  which is a positive note.

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