Top 4 Disturbing Darknet Marketplaces

As one would come to expect from darknet marketplaces, a lot of goods are bought and sold which are not necessarily legal by any means. Some of these underground markets specialize themselves in bringing unusual items to the masses, as all users enjoy privacy and anonymity at all times. Even though most marketplaces offer the same goods and services, there are some notable differences.

#4 UnderGround

When a darknet marketplace goes by the name of UnderGround, one knows some weird things are about to be displayed on the screen. In this case, the marketplace sticks to the more conventional items, such as stolen payment information and fake documents. However, they also have a growing section of weapons, human organs, and professional killers. Not a reassuring development by any means.

#3 Valhalla

Perhaps one of the more mysterious darknet marketplaces available today, Valhalla is a “haven” for criminal activity. Rather than focusing on petty goods and services, such as stolen PayPal accounts or malware, the vendors on this platform can be hired to virtually complete any type of task. That seemingly includes hitmen for hire and human trafficking. Thankfully, there is no child pornography or anything like that to be found on this platform.

#2 Russian Silk Road

Even though there have been multiple iterations of the Silk Road marketplace already, rest assured new versions will continue to appear over the coming years. The Russian Silk Road is perhaps one of the most intriguing marketplaces on the darknet right now, as very little is known about it.

It is not unlikely one could find the same services as found on other Silk Road marketplaces, though. Items related to fraud, malware, theft, and professional services of all kinds are very likely to be offered here. According to our sources, there is nothing that can’t be bought on the Russian Silk Road. Make of that what you will.

#1 BesaMafia

Albeit the BesaMafia is technically not a forum by any means, it is a business model that has quite disturbing ramifications. The group behind the platform specializes in one primary service: offering a hitman for hire. In fact, this platform is rumored to be a hangout place for contract killers.

What is of particular interest is how BesaMafia was hacked in 2016, as a hacker exposed what was really going on behind the scenes of this website. Despite that hack, the BesaMafia group is still active to this very day. Murder for hire is quickly becoming one of the more popular trends on the darknet, that much is certain.

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