Alleged vDOS Owners Have Been Arrested And Released

Earlier this week, we covered the infamous vDOS service, which executed hundreds of DDoS attacks on behalf of their customers. As the service was breached and customer details exposed, the question became who was behind this service. It appears two Israeli men have been arrested on suspicion of co-owning this service. They were also under investigation by the FBI, although it is not certain there was a correlation between both incidents.

Did They Arrest The vDOS Owners?

It is not unlikely law enforcement officials managed to arrest the right individuals. Both Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani were named once the vDOS customer base was hacked and leaked. Once their names were out in the open, it did not take overly long to find and arrest them. Albeit they were questioned by officials, they have been released on Friday on bond.

Authorities also put both men under house arrest, and all of their passports have been seized. Nor can they use the Internet or any other form of telecommunication for the next thirty days. These types of punishment are not unusual in Israel when people are suspected of internet criminality.

Although both men were named in the leaked vDOS files, there is nothing directly connecting them to vDOS just yet. For now, the investigation is still underway, and it will take weeks, if not months until we find out the truth about who is behind the DDoS service. At the same time, neither of these men was shy about their online activity, as there is a good amount of circumstantial evidence regarding their involvement.

Additionally, Huri used to receive text messages every time the vDOS customer support system was used. Not the safest way to hide one’s tracks for sure, and it could be the downfall of their DDoS services in the long run. Moreover, they both created a technical paper on DDoS attack methods. There is no such thing as coincidence in this world.

This is quite an intriguing story to keep an eye on, considering how vDOS was responsible for hundreds of DDoS attacks against companies and websites over the past few years. Although the service has now been hacked, it is not impossible someone will take over their role as a DDoS-as-a-service provider.

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