AirTM Taps Zcash for Improved Financial Freedom and Privacy

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the company known as AirTM. Its goal is to bring financial services to the banked, unbanked, and underbanked populations alike. The service has been quite popular in Venezuela as well as other Latin American countries. To improve its offerings, the company has partnered with Zcash.

A Major Milestone for AirTM

Bringing financial services to those who need it the most is anything but easy. This is especially true in countries where high inflation, a lack of economic mobility, and trading embargoes are far too commonplace. This means most Latin American countries – among others – will suffer from a lack of financial inclusion, with little to no improvement in sight.

Addressing this problem is a business venture worth exploring, although it will require a very different mindset to do so successfully. AirTM is trying to make a meaningful impact in this regard, as it wants to provide greater financial freedom to developing countries. To do so, it is not just relying on legacy networks such as PayPal or Payza, but also cryptocurrencies. It makes for an intriguing mix of financial tools which will empower the end user first and foremost.

To make its offering even more competitive, AirTM now wants to focus on bringing more privacy to the table. To do so, it is partnering with the Zcash team. In the opinion of AirTM, Zcash makes it safer for people to send and receive money due to the currency’s confidentiality model. As such, users of this innovative service will be able to buy and sell Zcash through the company’s peer-to-peer network.

With the common goal of promoting financial freedom for all living beings, this partnership seemingly makes a lot of sense. Especially those individuals living in harsh economic conditions can benefit from this particular development. Not only will it increase their access to financial services, but these users will benefit from additional privacy as well.

As AirTM mainly focuses on low-cost international money transfers, integrating cryptocurrency support makes a lot of sense. It is also normal to not use Bitcoin for this specific purpose, as it is a far more expensive option than virtually any altcoin on the market. Few currencies provide privacy, though, and it seems Zcash holds all the right cards in this regard. Then again, there are other currencies which take this concept one step further, but they are not as convenient to integrate and may entail higher transaction fees.

With this partnership, AirTM will enable Zcash balances in its e-wallet. The network is active across 115 countries, which means Zcash will benefit from a lot of international exposure moving forward. It is also possible to buy and sell Zcash using PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Amazon, and elsewhere. It’s a very significant development for the company and the cryptocurrency; that much is evident.