AI Trader – Disrupting the Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency trading is a sure-fire way of joining the digital currency industry, yet at this time, many people do not have the time and expertise required for the market. This represents the main reason why AI-powered trading platforms are becoming more popular.

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AI Trader represents a newly-launched platform, developed by one of the top five GPU mining companies in the world. The ecosystem has been designed to disrupt the fundamentals of autonomous crypto trading, while also offering users simplicity and stunning results.

To put things better into perspective, the AI Trader Application is backed by the knowledge and experience of numerous traders from established financial firms such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, alongside next-level machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. With this in mind, the platform enables users to overcome personal emotions and bias, while also saving time, thanks to the autonomous trading capabilities of the system.

Getting started with the platform is bound to be easy. After registering an account, users simply have to deposit, (replace with) Users need to just have a supported exchange account and funds in the same to trade, they create an API key and Secret key and register on the AI Trader platform with these keys. Once registered they simply choose one of the curated trading strategies and the afferent trading pairs. Once the process is started, the Deep Learning AI systems will analyse the market, and make informed trading decisions.

Additional features allow users to customize their experience even more by choosing an attitude for the AI to behave in, while also hitting pause, resuming trading, or setting specific time intervals for transactions. Some of the main cryptocurrency trading features, include, but are not limited to: real-time display of trading funds, latest trading results, dynamic equity management, multiple every single pair to choose from, automated leverage trading and more.

At this time, the ecosystems supports the Binance and BitMEX exchanges, yet support will soon be added for Bittrex, Kraken and CobinHood. Currently the system is generating 82% yield average/month.

When it comes down to pricing, the platform is fairly cheap for operate. AI Trader charges $150 for the basic, one-month membership, and $600 for the platinum one-year membership.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, AI Trader is a result-driven trading platform, with a simple and transparent approach, designed for all crypto enthusiasts lacking enough time or trading expertise.

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