Google Adsense Drops Cryptocurrency Faucet Operators

Some interesting things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency faucets. Up until a few weeks ago, anyone running a faucet could earn a lot of money by showing Google Adsense advertisements on the website. If the traffic is high enough, this could have been quite a lucrative business. However, it appears Google has made some drastic changes, which makes faucet owners earn a lot less money.

Google Adsense Cracks Down onĀ Faucets

Over the past few years, many people have opted to run a Bitcoin faucet website in the hopes of making some good money for displaying banner advertisements. Since faucets are visited by thousands of people every day, there is a good chance to make decent money from a faucet website. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, as Google’s Adsense program has undergone some big changes regarding what types of sites can display advertisements in the first place.

To be more specific, the Google Adsense program now prevents faucet websites and other platforms not focusing on unique content from showing advertisements. Even if people do so, they will earn a lot less money from doing so. In a way, this chance was only a matter of time. Faucet sites present nothing unique in the world, as they all revolve around letting users click a few buttons to collect small amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Any website displaying advertisements without providing quality content should not make as much money from Google Adsense as people who work hard to make their site stand out. That is only the normal way of doing business. Faucets get a lot of visitors, but the traffic itself is quantity-oriented, rather than focusing on quality. Anyone clicking ads on faucet websites has no real interest in the advertisement itself but mainly do so due to a misclick.

It is only normal faucet operators will see their Google Adsense earnings go down dramatically. Google Adsense is a tool designed for content creators and not people who copy-paste an existing faucet script linked to a cheap domain name. Making money with online advertisements requires time, dedication, and effort. None of those traits can be associated with cryptocurrency faucets, even though some operators put a fair amount of work into designing a unique layout.

The bigger question is whether or not there is any intrinsic value to cryptocurrency faucets these days. These platforms used to be quite valuable in the early days of Bitcoin, but their success has tapered off in recent years. Moreover, faucet operators will only pay out small amounts of Bitcoin due to their site earnings being even lower. It is evident something will need to change, and faucet operators will need to start looking for alternative solutions to make money. Adding a news section with unique content to a faucet, for example, could do wonders.

It appears to be only a matter of time until faucet operators will be put out of business entirely. That is, unless their business models evolve accordingly. There are no easy ways to make money these days, and cryptocurrency faucets are slowly losing their appeal. It is good to see Google take such an aggressive measure where their Adsense program is concerned, that much is certain. Rest assured a lot of faucet operators will not be too happy about this decision.

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