AdHive Sees Untapped Potential of ICOs in AdTech Blockchain Projects

The Blending of FinTech and AdTech

Estonian-based startup, AdHive, is trying to prove that advertising technology (adtech) and financial technology (fintech) can meet in a mutually beneficial way. The belief is made real by implementing an advertising platform propped up by the Ethereum blockchain that allows payments to be made via smart contracts.

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Specifically, AdHive is looking to create an advertising tool for influencer marketing and advertising, a form of marketing that depends on big names or people with influence to get people interested in some product.

The big thing that they want to emphasize in terms of blockchain tech as it relates to adtech is the ICO and how its profit potential seems to be higher than it is with projects in other fields or industries.

The ICO and AdTech

The evidence is mounting, with more and more data showing that AdTech ICOs are more profitable than their counterparts based on blockchain projects in other industries. Combine this with the fact that a large percentage of AdTech ventures and ICOs around the world are based in the US, then you start getting the idea that being an AdTech blockchain project is an advantageous quality to have.

According to ICOWatchList, the US stands for about 20% of all ICOs, the UK is at 11%, and Russia trails at 10%. The AdTech market has also been largely segmented with the US leading with 39% of ICOs

“Many in the ICO industry are fighting an ongoing battle with the competitive profitability factor of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The average income of AdTech versus the yield of Bitcoin is considerably higher. Such growth was achieved thanks to projects like Snovio, AdEx and Viuly. As is evident, AdTech projects on average grow far faster than Bitcoin, thus producing greater profitability yields,” explained Dmitry Malyanov, Co-Founder of AdHive.

Surprisingly, most growth in the AdTech sector came in the last financial quarter of 2017, with October seeing as many ICO launches as the previous 9 months combined. Before Q4 of 2017 there had been relatively modest success regarding ICOs in the AdTech industry.

Thus far, AdTech ICOs have been very successful when compared with those of other industries.

How AdHive Works

The AdHive platform exists on top of the highly vetted and tested Ethereum blockchain, where it takes advantage of its smart contracts to automate and simplify the advertising process,

The startup bills its project as the “first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform.” What this means is the project both leverages artificial intelligence to improve marketing outcomes and primarily aids people trying to market their brand with the help of influential people.

Influential people can be social media personalities, and considering their relevance to our digital world, would likely be an optimal example to showcase the platform’s usefulness.

In essence, it works when the AI of AdHive recognizes when the the influencer (social media personality) has performed the advertiser’s task, then commands the smart contract to execute the payment automatically.

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