Academic Paper Claims Most XRP, XTZ, and EOS Transactions Aren’t Valuable

When it comes to alternative cryptocurrencies and their blockchains, there will always be some sort of debate. A new academic paper certainly paints an interesting picture for EOS, Tezos, and XRP.

Many people feel that Bitcoin is the only real viable cryptocurrency out there.

Academic Paper Blasts EOS, XTZ, and XRP

Everything else is, in the eyes of many, a testing ground for new features and developments.

Whether that is true or false, is subject to personal interpretation first and foremost. 

An academic paper discussing the usage of altcoins and their blockchain certainly puts things in a certain perspective.

More specifically, it shows that most of the EOS transactions pertain to airdrops and potentially useless tokens.

In terms of Tezos, the vast majority of network transactions come from baking.

That is not necessarily uncommon for currencies primarily focused on proof-of-stake. 

In terms of XRP, however, 98% of transactions allegedly have no real value.

All of these findings will be considered to be controversial.

However, the paper also mentions how all three blockchains have massive potential for the future.

Until that potential is realized, it is evident that these statistics need to be put in their proper perspective.

One also has to keep in mind that, just because it is academic research, that doesn’t mean the information is put together in a correct manner.