A Lot of People Forget Yelp Has A Bitcoin Filter For Businesses

A lot of people use Yelp to find new and exciting locations to explore. Whether it is restaurants, bars, stores, or even hotels, users can filter the results to their need as they see fit. But very few people are aware that Yelp has an option to filter Bitcoin results as well. This is an interesting feature, although it has been around for quite some time already.

Yelp Was An Early Bitcoin Adopter, Sort Of

What once was one of the most popular platform sand mobile apps in Northern America, Yelp has seemingly lost some of its market share in recent years. Particularly the younger generation seems to rely less on Yelp than ever before. But the company is still around and their platform has some exciting features a lot of people overlook.

One of those features lets users filter results based on which payment methods are accepted. This is particularly useful when looking for a place to spend the night, a  bar, or even a fancy new restaurant. Users can see where credit card information is accepted, as well as Bitcoin payments.  Very few people seemed to be aware of this latter option, even though it has been enabled within the mobile app for quite some time now.

It is good to see companies such as Yelp pay attention to the alternative financial system as well. Although credit and debit cards are all too common in the US and Canada, Bitcoin is starting to gain traction. While not too many bitcoin users will flock to Yelp to see where they can spend cryptocurrency, the option is there.

What would be interesting is when other applications would offer a similar filtering feature as well. The Airbitz Bitcoin wallet has a way to point cryptocurrency users in the direction to spend Bitcoin, which is a useful feature, but not everyone should use the same mobile wallet solution either, as that would be centralization of sorts.

The world is changing and Bitcoin acceptance is becoming a real thing. While there is still a very long way to go before this becomes a mainstream currency, things are improving nicely. Once more businesses become aware of how accepting Bitcoin may get them slightly more favorable listings on Yelp, they might decide to venture into the world of cryptocurrency moving forward.

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