A Guide to Buying Marijuana Seeds

The choice of marijuana seed variety is an individual matter and always comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few fundamental principles that should guide your selection. One of the most important points is their quality, which is influenced by a number of factors that you should know to buy marijuana seeds.

Find a Decent Seller

There are a lot of grower forums nowadays, where even representatives of large online stores are present. They advise on certain varieties, help you choose marijuana with specific properties. You can safely trust such sellers, they value their reputation, and will definitely not sell low-quality products.

Trust Well-Known Breeders

Even beginners can quickly find popular marijuana seed preparation companies. The best are breeders from Holland, USA, and Spain.

Study the Packaging

Pay attention to the quality of the printing of the packaging, the information indicated there, and the expiration date. We recommend that you keep the seed packages even after they are planted in order to compare them in the future and be able to check whether the original is in front of you or falsification.

Features of Storage of Seeds and Delivery

Competent online stores pay great attention to the storage conditions of seeds. If the room is too cold or hot, even branded seeds can get sick or show low germination. No less significant are the terms of delivery. The product must be carefully packaged so that it is not damaged during transportation.

Preference for Stabilized Varieties

If you want to grow a healthy plant with a good yield and the expected effect, choose varieties with the purest genetics. Today there are a lot of hybrids, sometimes quite incomprehensible, with genetic instability and a large spread in phenotypes. 

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