A Currency to Revolutionize Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is heavily centralized in the favor of Cost Per Action (CPA) networks that are not obligated to share the methods of traffic tracking or a list of publishers (websites) that they are advertising with. Cost per action networks make money on advertisement in a number of ways. Namely, they accrue advertisement revenue by cost per sale, cost per lead (registration, signup, subscription, or the like), cost per install, or cost per click.

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CPA networks not having to share methods of tracking or publishers causes multiple issues within the internet advertising realm. All of these issues cause a dilemma for the advertiser who does not want to pay for fraudulent activities that will inflate traffic and costs.

One problem with CPA networks is that the communication line must essentially go through a middleman. If communication with the network wasn’t as crucial as traffic quantity and payment information, then communication through a CPA network wouldn’t be as vital. But resources spent spending time in communication could be spent doing more crucial tasks if this step was automated as we will see later in this piece.

A second issue is that publishers or website hosts of these advertisements are totally unaware of how they are performing. For instance they are unaware of how they are converting views to clicks. They don’t know how much purchasing power viewers use when they are purchasing items. Publishers are at the mercy of CPA networks when they are not informed on how they are legitimately performing.

The third issue is that by nature of the monetary structure of the majority of internet advertising, publishers wait months on average for advertisers to go through the transactions and pay the publisher their due part. And usually, by the time the money is sent through Paypal or any other payment processor, the money has to be moved around more for whatever purposes the publisher may have for it.

All of these issues makes internet advertising unreliable, and it causes it to remain an unattractive option for major campaigns. Despite years of growth, the internet advertising market has not grown to reach its potential. Instead of wading in the mirk of centrality, publishers and advertisers deserve progress.

Adpump Affiliate Marketplace believes in one blockchain for CPA tracking without a centralized network. This solution includes an affiliate network that works something like an open bazaar or marketplace of advertising. Think of an open marketplace like Amazon with the quality of untampered feedback.

Utilizing blockchain technology on the Ethereum network, Adpump uses smart contracts to maintain consistency of costs and make sure pertinent parties have relevant information. In Adpump’s marketplace, advertisers choose publishers that they would like to go with. Advertisers don’t pay the 20-30% to CPA networks and they have open communication with publishers without any middleman.

A decentralized tracking marketplace with the list of CPA advertisers who pay fix commission to Adpump for tracking platform usage. Advertisers get the access to the list of publishers and can switch on or off any publisher they prefer. This ensures maximum benefit for advertisers as they don’t have to pay the commission for every transaction and can contact publishers they work with without intermediaries.  

On the Adpump platform, advertisers will have open communication with publishers on vital issues. Publishers will be aware of how they perform with untampered blockchain technology. And publishers will not have to wait for their payment. Publishers may in turn use ADP to buy traffic for their site. Adpump does all of this while maintaining an open marketplace with easy access to statistics and anonymous payments.

The currency ADP will be the primary currency of the platform and will be transferable for other currencies. Only 100 million ADP will be created, and 80 million are available for purchase in the ICO. Each token will be worth around $1.5 or 0.005 ETH. The first stage of ICO is going to be held till 25th December, 5m tokens are already sold.