A Blockchain-Based Launchpad for Projects: Morpheus Labs’ TGE Raises 6,200 ETH as it Shakes Hands with Major Venture Builder

It is human nature to not disturb the balance of life it has so carefully fitted into, and corporations and firms reflect that nature. Established and well formed organizations resist changes in working mode and style- this is due to time tested models that these companies are built on. Changing the way they work requires a lot of time, effort and resources (both manpower and financial). Disruptive technologies are nearly always viable, but wading into uncharted waters is not something most companies will willingly do. New technology is alien and the companies simply cannot risk investing in something that may not pan out.

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Morpheus, The God Of Dreams

Just like it’s mythical namesake, Morpheus Labs makes dreams come true. The platform is a Blockchain service that deploys a whole Blockchain ecosystem for enterprises to test and run their own decentralized service. With the main load lifted by the service, it lets firms and organizations concentrate on service building on the Blockchain system at a fraction of the cost.

Advertising itself as a Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS), Morpheus allows users to build, test, obtain expert advice and launch their services through Blockchain.

From Dreams To Reality

Morpheus understands the key issues that organizations that want to adapt and adopt to Blockchain face:

  • Which Blockchain should be adopted?
  • In what business case is Blockchain going to practically help?
  • How to successfully deploy and test the resource heavy nodes, cloud environment and github?

Morpheus can answer the above by offering the following services:

  • A single platform to test different Blockchain technologies. Users can instantly shift from one to another without the need of developing or adapting services already deployed.
  • Enterprise level Blockchain platform for prototype application testing and rapid deployment.
  • Crowdsourcing to solicit ideas and discuss solutions to issues faced in the shortest time possible.
  • Deploying ready to use DApps from the store or build own layers on top, drastically reducing cost and time.

Building Momentum and Venturing Into A New Era

Morpheus Labs recently signed and MoU with Momentum Works, a firm that offers consulting, supports, invests and builds innovative companies in the e-commerce, fintech and internet sector.

The venture firm helps stakeholders in technological ecosystems in the Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin American market. The company has a well diversed and experienced team with backgrounds in internet, e-commerce, logistics, finances and media. With the signing of the MoU, it will allow Morpheus access to large revenue generating companies that wish to bring their presence in the Blockchain technology avenue.

Cost of Dreams, The MITx

The services offered by Morpheus will be charge through its own Morpheus Infrastructure Token (MITx). Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, the ERC20 compatible token allows for payments of services, application fee, resource support and sharing, token swapping and as a tradable asset on crypto exchanges.

With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 MITx, the token is currently in its generation event with 250,000,000 available for backers. A private event in February has already seen sales of 6,200 ETH. Current event is seeing 1 ETH = 8000 MITx. The event has a 35% bonus till 9th March, after which it will drop to 20% till 23rd March and the final phase will have no bonus.

Visit the Morpheus Labs for more information: https://token.morpheuslabs.io/