7 Easy Ways To Save Money When You Travel

For many people, travelling is an essential part of life. It broadens our perception of the world, plus it’s a lot of fun. When we travel, we feel rejuvenated and have the opportunity to learn new things. But travelling isn’t cheap. And if you’re taking a loan to do it, you would want to cut costs during your travels as much as possible. 

There are several ways to help you save money while on vacation. Here are seven tips you can try out:

  1. Cook your meal

Dining out is a major expense when travelling. It’s best to prepare your own food. So consider staying in a place that has a kitchen and provides cooking utensils. Buying fresh groceries at the local market will be cheaper than dining in restaurants. You can prepare light snacks and pack them when you’re sightseeing. 

Whenever you have a hankering for local foods instead of your own cooking, avoid fancy restaurants. You’ll find that in some cases, you can just eat the same thing at a local street food vendor. It costs less and might even taste better as well! 

  1. Do research on airline fees

Plan ahead when you’re travelling by plane. Do research on airline charges for luggage fees. Or how many luggage allowances you’ll get. Some airlines will publish the total price alongside the plane fare on their website. But some might have hidden fees and require you to do some digging. Make sure to understand what you’re paying for so you don’t end up with unnecessary expenses. 

  1. Travel in the off/ low season

Depending on where and when you’re going, prices of flight tickets, accommodation, and car rentals can fluctuate. 

Pick the lowest travel season to save money and avoid a crowd of tourists. Some attractions offer a low or free entrance during off-peak seasons so you can save even more. 

  1. Look for travel package deals

Another great way to save money when travelling is purchasing a travel package. Tour operators that offer travel packages often include air tickets, accommodation and tours in the price. This can save you more money than if you bought it individually. 

  1. Pack smart

When travelling by plane, you need to stick with the airline’s luggage allowance given to you. You can avoid extra fees by packing only the necessities. If you pack wisely, you’ll realise you don’t actually need that extra pair of shoes or jacket. Be practical about it. Not only will you avoid potential additional luggage fees, but it will save you the headache of packing and carrying oversized pieces of baggage. 

  1. Use public transport

Travel by bus or train instead of taking the taxi or shuttle to get from the airport to the hotel. It’s more economical, plus you get to see the local scenery and points of interest before arriving at your destination. 

  1. Enjoy free attractions and festivals

Most cities have their own unique attractions that are worth visiting. Which means there are tons of free activities to do and see. In London for example, the museums are mostly free. Also, there are always alternatives to do something. You don’t need to be on top of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the spectacular view of the city when you can do it from Place du Trocadéro instead. Each town has a cultural calendar, so stay on the look-out on what’s happening, and you’ll get to enjoy the city you’re visiting with less spending!


Travelling doesn’t have to be costly. If you apply these tips when planning your next vacation, you’ll be happy with how much money you’ll be saving, Bon voyage!