7 Best Sites for Blockchain News in 2020

With the ascendancy of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in recent years, it seems that everyone is getting into the game of covering blockchain technology. Here are the 7 best sites for blockchain news in 2020.

#1 CoinDesk

Coindesk was founded in 2013. CoinDesk created the Bitcoin Price Index, commonly referenced in The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. The site reaches millions with its website and other media covering digital assets and the blockchain. Since 2015, CoinDesk has hosted the Consensus summit, bringing together global stakeholders in blockchain technology.

#2 DailyCoin

DailyCoin covers news and opinions on blockchain technology, digital assets, and the intersection between finance and technology. DailyCoin has a section completely dedicated to blockchain technology and covers how blockchain is becoming more and more mainstream every day. The site also offers expert opinions and educational materials.

#3 The Block

The Block bills itself as “the leading research, analysis, and news brand in the digital asset space.” The site was founded in 2018 and has a global team which covers cryptocurrency and the blockchain.
The Block provides its readers with website content, a newsletter, a podcast, and hosts events and lists third party events related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

#4 TodayOnChain

TodayOnChain aggregates blockchain and cryptocurrency news from various sources. Since the content is curated by an automated script, it is always up-to-date. The site also has a curated list of tweets from blockchain and cryptocurrency luminaries. The goal of the site is to bring all the most “useful news and resources on Blockchain and cryptocurrency in one place.”

#5 CoinTelegraph

CoinTelegraph was founded in 2013 and is focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech news. The site seeks to focus on the convergence of AI, VR, nanotechnology, and quantum computing with the growing number of entities and individuals adopting the blockchain. The site has a section dedicated to blockchain news that is updated multiple times a day.

#6 CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate prides itself on being an independent organization, with no ties to any company in the blockchain industry. The site has many categories of news, with news specific to the blockchain as a technology being located in the Technology and Adoption sections. Its directory of fintech companies, crypto products, and industry stars is a gold mine for the who’s who and what’s what of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

#7 TechCrunch

Techcrunch is a website related to technology in general. The site is owned by Verizon Media. TechCrunch has a historical focus on tech startups and its coverage often falls on the intersection between tech startups and blockchain technology.

What Makes These Sites the Best?

Many of these sites offer their own unique benefits. CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph have been covering the industry since 2013. Sites like DailyCoin, CoinTelegraph, and CryptoSlate break blockchain news out into categories where it is easier to find and doesn’t get lost in the coverage of cryptocurrency, markets, and other related topics. TechCrunch, with its focus on technology in general, provides a perspective that is unique among traditional cryptocurrency news sources.