6 Hilarious Cryptocurrencies That Are Actually Worth Something

The world of altcoins can be quite entertaining at times, as there are dozens of new coins coming out every day. Some projects are run by serious developers with innovative ideas, other projects are run by greedy actors looking to make the most out of a pump and dump, yet some create a cryptocurrency simply for the lulz. In this article we describe a few cryptocurrencies that have hilarious names, yet they gained quite a large following which made some of their market caps in the millions.

#6 PayCon (CON)


PayCon started as a parody of PayCoin. If you didn’t know PayCoin executed one of the largest scams in the crypto space, it’s developer even offered a $20 price floor at some point, which was obviously a lie. Not surprisingly the SEC cracked down on the crypto serving it’s creator Homero Joshua Garza with a lawsuit.

PayCon was created in response to this blatant scam. It was launched in January of 2015, at the height of the scam. It’s mission statement is as follows:

A revolutionary crypto based off some open source software. We plan to change the world by devoting 1 hour to making the client and building the world best website in under 5 minutes. Paycon promises to cure cancer, aids and all deadly diseases through the power of thought. World hunger?? We will fix that. PSN network down? Trust Paycon to save the day. Wonder who Satoshi Nakamoto is? We found him. Still looking for Kony? We caught him.

Paycon will do everything you can imagine and more. With no buy support and a floor price so low we can even see it, Paycon will be the best investment you could make.

Since then, the coin has undergone a few major rebrands which is one of the main reasons it is still around. Currently, the coin’s developers are focusing on making the currency be used in CONventions. The coin is ranked at number 240 based on its market cap, which is at $73,000. While each PayCon is only worth a fraction of a penny it still has trade volume and community support.

#5 MonaCoin (MONA)


MonaCoin is a relatively old cryptocurrency as it was first launched in December of 2013. There isn’t much specification as to what the coin’s purpose is, however the official website explains that the coin is based off a Japanese ASCII character.

The meme came about around 2000 where a user posted the cat on the forum complaining about internet users having too much time. The next response copied the cat and instead the speech bubble said “You too!”. Since then the cat has been used as a meme in Japan.

What is surprising about the cryptocurrency is the fact that its market cap is worth over a million, $1.16m to be precise. Each MonaCoin is worth 2 cents and it’s ranked 61 based on market cap.

#4 PutinCoin (PUTIN)


PutinCoin was launched in June 2016, a relatively new cryptocurrency. The first sentence in announcement page reads the following:

We provide this digital decision as a tribute to the most famous person on the earth, to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

The coin’s developers further claim that the network was created for fun, not for profit. Surprisingly, PutinCoin’s market cap is at roughly $2.5m. It ranks number 56 by market cap and each PutinCoin is worth roughly 2 cents.

#3 TrumpCoin (TRUMP)


Can’t have PutinCoin without TrumpCoin right? Launched in November of 2016, their slogan is “make crypto great again”. Their mission revolves around creating a political movement by the people, to secure trump’s presidential campaign. The main objective of the coin is to work with industry leaders in the crypto space, politics, and media, to make cryptocurrencies an acceptable means to raise money for election campaigns.

Quite an interesting mission statement that seemed to have attracted quite a few followers. According to coinmarketcap, TrumpCoin is number 55 ranked by market cap which is roughly $3.1m. Each TrumpCoin is worth 48 cents.

#2 PotCoin (POT)


While this currency wasn’t created for laughs and giggles the name is still quite surprising. What is more astonishing is how well PotCoin is doing even 3 years after it’s launch. It is ranked number 36 based on market cap, which is a whopping $4m.

The coin’s mission is to “economize the cannabis industry. PotCoin as a digital currency is an alternative payment network for cannabis users.” The crypto’s team has been hard at work promoting the currency and actively working on marketing strategies. Some of PotCoin’s products include Crypto Juice which is a hemp based energy drink, and they also offer a seed bank where you can turn your PotCoins into real cannabis seeds.

#1 DogeCoin (DOGE)


No list of hilarious cryptocurrencies is complete without DogeCoin, the first original and the most hyped meme based crypto in history. Ranked number 15 by marketcap no other coin on this list comes even close to it. While each DogeCoin is worth 0.02 cents, it’s marketcap is a massive $22.4m.

DogeCoin was launched on December of 2013, making it the oldest cryptocurrencies on this list, along with MonaCoin. Just like MonaCoin was based off a Japanese meme, DogeCoin is based off the Doge – nicknamed Shibe – meme. The meme is based on a 2010 photograph but didn’t become popular until 2013, when a few major media outlets picked up the image of the adopted dog. As more and more people found out about the meme its popularity grew which lead to the creation of DogeCoin.

The introduction of the cryptocurrency made it the first coin based on an internet meme which only further contributed to the popularity of the meme itself. This perfect recipe resulted in a snowball effect which propelled the currency to the moon! Quite a few cryptocurrency enthusiasts that mined DogeCoin back in 2013, made some significant profits as a result of the hype.

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