6 Free Ransomware Decryption Toolkits

The ransomware threat has been covered from multiple angles all throughout 2016. Although criminals remain one step ahead of security experts in most cases, there are quite a few tools that allow for free file decryption. Not all ransomware strains can be decrypted free of charge at this time, although some significant strides have been made. Below are a few of these free ransomware decryption tools people should take notice of.

#6 AVG’s Toolkit

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Internet security providers have invested a lot of time and effort into creating free ransomware decryption tools. AVG has a suite of solutions, which decrypt a total of 7 different ransomware strains. This includes Crypt888, Legion, and the popular TeslaCrypt. All tools are free to use, and the company will continue to add support for other malware types as time progresses.

#5 Avast

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Avast is well-known for their antivirus solutions, yet the company has also been working on free ransomware decryption solutions. With a total of 11 different ransomware strains supported right now, it is one of the most complete offerings to date. Avast allows victims of NoobCrypt, Apocalypse, and CrySiS – among others – to decrypt their files free of charge. Do keep in mind the actual number of different ransomware families remains a mystery, even for security researchers.

#4 Trend Micro

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Similarly to all other companies on this list, Trend Micro has made a powerful tool to get rid of ransomware infections without paying the Bitcoin ransom. What makes this offering so appealing is how it supports decryption for CryptXXX, Cerber, Jigsaw, and Mircop, among others. A very powerful tool that should be on everybody’s list of anti-malware solutions.

#3 Emisoft

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Emisoft has released their malware decryption a while ago. In its latest update, dated January 12, 2017, the tool added support for a few more ransomware families. Although their list of tools mainly supports lesser-known ransomware types, it is good to see the total number of solutions grow on a regular basis. Rest assured dealing with any of these malware types would be a horrendous experience otherwise.

#2 Cisco

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It was only a matter of time until companies such as Cisco got involved in the fight against ransomware. In April of 2015, the company released their free decryption tool for ransomware victims. This tool is mainly designed to get rid of a TeslaCrypt infection, as that remains one of the most common and powerful malware types found today. A valuable solution that should not be overlooked by any means.

#1 No More Ransom

no more ransom logo

A comprehensive list of tools everyone should take notice of can be found on the No More Ransom website. This initiative, created by Kaspersky Labs, wants to combine all free ransomware decryption tools known to the security sector. So far, the list has been growing steadily. Rest assured the company is still looking to develop free solutions as new ransomware strains are discovered in the world.

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