HashingSpace invests into new infrastructure

Mining Bitcoin with your own computer can often be quite difficult considering the fact that you need to invest a lot of money into it, and that the profit isn’t too big anyway. This is why thousands of people from all around the world have turned to using online miners. HashingSpace Corporation is a popular firm which has been offering Bitcoin miner hosting for a while now.

Well, the latest reports indicate that the firm is now investing a ton of money into reshaping its infrastructure to reduce their energy consumption and make Bitcoin mining more efficient. With this in mind, they’ve recently made an announcement stating that they have employed the services of Ross & Baruzzini, which is a leading engineering and architectural firm that will now be in charge with designing HashingSpace’s new state of the art data centre.

As Ross & Baruzzini has been in the industry for over 60 years, the company has tackled some of the most challenging architectural and engineering projects and always came up with great results. What makes this news great is the fact that HashingSpace is the first Bitcoin miner company to have secured the services of this firm. With this in mind, once the work on the state of the art data centre is completed, the miners will operate with maximum efficiency. The architects also have experience in planning the systems which allow buildings to perform at their highest potential, while also offering mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical infrastructure, communications, air flow and more. By making sure that all of these systems are fully integrated with each other, the computers doing the mining will be more optimized and the average cost /kilowatt that HashingSpace charges will also be reduced.

In the end, HashingSpace will have a 109k square foot facility, with over 1,500 server racks and a total of 22,500 servers, with room left for more.  If everything goes ahead as planned, they have high chances of becoming the biggest online bitcoin mining company, while also taking down some of the other competitors.

Have you ever tried HashingSpace? If yes, what was your experience with them?

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