5 Ways to Make Your Gmail Account Safer

Google’s Gmail is by far the most popular webmail app across the world with more than a billion active users monthly. It is an easy-to-use cloud service that allows the user to log in and read their messages from anywhere, and on any type of device. With a Google account, you can access all of Google services, including services such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. So the security of your Google account is very important.

The good news is that Google has done a lot to ensure that your Google account stays safe by adding many solid features to protect your account. However, there are a few things you can do to protect your Gmail Account. Here are some ideas.

5. Use a stronger password

Unless you have enabled the 2-step verification process, your password is your only option to secure your emails, contact, and sensitive information. To ensure your Google account is not vulnerable to hackers, you need to create a stronger password. Avoid using passwords that are easy like “mydarling” or “12345”, all these can be easily hacked.

A great rule when it comes to the password is that the longer the password, the secure you are. A good password should include a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. For example, you can use, “I started writing in 2013,” which becomes “iswi2013.” This should be safe, and it doesn’t take much time.

4. Go for the 2-step Verification

Google has introduced a unique feature, 2-step Verification that will greatly strengthen the security of your account. It adds extra security where an inquiry code is sent to your phone every time to access your account. This is the perfect way to ensure that no one will hack to your account without your phone.

The set-up is quite easy. Visit “My Account,” and click on “Sign-in & Security.”  Click on “2-Step Verification” and start the verification process. You will need to verify your Google Account and key in the phone number you will be using.

3. Enable the HTTPS Security

The best thing about Gmail is that you can log in from anywhere. But there is a big risk when you decide to access your account in a public Wi-Fi hotspot or non-encrypted networks. If you leave your HTTPS disabled, you will only be making it easier for hackers to find their way into your Gmail account. Always leave the HTTPS option on, in fact, it should be enabled by default.

To see if HTTPS is on, log in to your Gmail account, click the Options tab, select General>Browser Connection, then check if the option, “Always use HTTPS” is enabled. Save changes and proceed to the account.

2. Choose a unique question and answer

Did you know that hackers are fond of hacking into your Gmail account with the help of your recovery security question? Most websites advise you to create a strong password but fail to tell you to choose a unique recovery question and answer.

If you create a simple question, it will be easier for anybody who has good knowledge about to guess the answer. So, a quick trick is to select a tricky question and provide a unique answer.

To change your security question go to settings>Accounts and Import>Google Account Settings, and select “change password recovery options” then verify your security question, email address and phone number.

1. Check your email settings regularly

Google keeps a record of the “Last account activity” at the bottom of every page that show every detail from when you last logged on. Scroll down and click on “Details” to see the last few logins, the IP addresses they came from, and the country where they were logged from.

This will show you whether your account was accessed from a browser or a mobile device. This is easier to detect any suspicious activities that may be happening to your account. If you suspect something, you can change this by going to “Settings” then “Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select the “Disable Forwarding” option. Consider checking the activities of your account regularly for access from unexpected locations or some intruders trying to hack your account.


If you want to strengthen the security in your Gmail account, you might want to apply these tips. They will help you feel safe and secure about your information. Remember the world is changing real fast and hackers are coming up with new hacking ways. So, keep your Gmail account secure.

About the Author

Bria Pierce is a freelance marketer and writer on academic writing service 123Writings. She cooperates with many popular websites and get tons of emails every day. Security of her email accounts is the highest priority, that’s why Bria shares her knowledge and help other bloggers and marketers to protect their information. You can catch Bria on twitter for more useful stuff.