5 Technical Problems the Internet Faces Every Day

When using the Internet for the first time, consumers will be greeted with a lot of problems hardly anyone told them about. It turns out there quite a few technological challenges people need to take into account. While the Internet remains one of the greatest inventions the world has seen in recent decades, it is not all rose petals and limelight either.

#5 DNS Hijacking

One of the worst problems Internet users will be faced with is the concept of DNS hijacking. As the name suggests, a DNS hijack is capable of rerouting one’s internet traffic through different services, which could have all kinds of consequences. In most cases, users may experience some issues regarding specific websites, but criminals use this method for more nefarious purposes as well. Displaying fake advertisements on websites, for example, is one of the primary reasons why DNS hijacking takes place to begin with.

#4 Malware In Different Varieties

One of the more prominent internet threats in recent years is the deployment of malware types. Ranging from keyloggers to viruses and ransomware, the Internet has become a dangerous and hostile place over the past few years. Taking the necessary cyber security protection is of the utmost importance, even though it involves a fair amount of work on behalf of the user. Having just an antivirus solution is no longer enough these days, unfortunately.

#3 Geo-restricted Content

The internet is one’s oyster, regardless of what you are looking for. Unfortunately, not every type of content is legally available to everyone in the world at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to streaming services, which are mostly restricted to the United States. It is possible to bypass these geo-restrictions with a VPN, though, yet most of these services are cracking down on such behavior. Even though people are paying to access a legitimate service, geo-restrictions can be a pain in the neck to deal with.

#2 No Anonymity

One thing a lot of people automatically assume about the Internet is how people are anonymous at every given time. That is anything but the case these days, as ISPs are logging and monitoring all internet traffic passing through their network. Moreover, they often hand this information over to the government if there is a demand for it. Although not everyone wants to be anonymous on the Internet, not everyone should know what one is up to at any given time either.

#1 Privacy Issues

Over the past few years, it has become abundantly clear there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet unless one takes matters into their own hands. It is rather unfortunate consumer privacy is violated at every possible turn while browsing the World Wide Web, but that is the world we live in today.

Thankfully, it is rather easy to put-on both privacy and anonymity online. Using a VPN service or the Tor browser is an absolute must these days unless one wants their details to be leaked all over the web. We have a thorough collection of VPN reviews on this site, which are all worth checking out. Consumers need to be aware of these issues, even though the problems will only become obvious once they get online for the first time.

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