5 Lesser-known Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallets Worth Checking out

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always a demand for safe and secure wallet solutions. Whether it is Bitcoin or any of the altcoins, storing funds in a convenient manner remains a booming industry. As far as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network are concerned, the following lesser-known wallet solutions are all worth looking into. 

Bitcoin Lightning Wallet (BLW)

Whereas most of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network wallets focus on the desktop side of the spectrum, BLW is an Android-based clients which offers virtually the same experience. It is capable of letting users send and receive Lightning transactions or traditional Bitcoin transactions. It is crucial to give users ample choice, as the adoption of LN transactions is still on the low side right now. As such, sending a normal Bitcoin transfer is often the preferred option. For mobile users on Android, this is certainly an option to look into. 

BlueWallet (Custodial)

On paper, the Lightning Network is designed to give Bitcoin users direct control over their funds and payment channels. Bluewallet, an offering for both iOS and Android, works a bit different in that regard. It supports zero-config LN transactions and primarily focuses on the user experience. The downside is how this is a custodial solution, which means users are not in full control of their funds per se. It is a worthwhile solution for those who are new to cryptocurrencies in general, however, 


Although the name wouldn’t necessarily suggest it, Breez is more than capable of letting users complete instantaneous Lightning Network transactions. Although the wallet currently only works on Android – with an iOS release coming soon – it packs a lot of other functions as well. The non-custodial solution has implemented Neutrino, which can unlock a lot of additional functionality to more experienced users. There is also an NFC-based point-of-sale feature for merchant transactions. 


Contrary to all other names above, Joule is not a desktop nor mobile client per se. It is a browser plugin which lets users access their own Lightning Network node. Although this makes it seem less like a wallet, it is still possible to send and receive both LN-based and regular transactions through the software itself.  Considering how Joule is also open-sourced, there may be some “forks” of this project in the future which introduce a lot of extra functionality.

Lightning Peach

For those users who prefer a cross-platform solution across all of their devices, Lightning Peach is worth checking out. It is one of the few solutions which works across all major desktop OSes, as well as the major mobile OSes. Under the hood, it provides merchant support, sending and receiving of transactions, and so much more. This wallet is developed by the BitFury team, which also gives it a bit more legitimacy.