4 Existing Devices People Would Like to see go Away

The world of technology has brought our society many devices and gadgets over the past few decades. Unfortunately, a lot of these devices have far exceeded their life expectancy and should be abolished rather quickly. Below is a list of devices most people would like to see disappear over the coming years, albeit it remains doubtful that will the case anytime soon.

#4 The Television

A rather surprising entrant on the list of top devices, consumers would like to see disappear is the television, Considering how most of us rely on this device for daily news and entertainment, it would seem odd people want to get rid of it. Delving a bit deeper into the matter, it becomes obvious the television has brought a lot of problems, which have not affected our society for the better.

Side effects of the television are increasing activity, low self-esteem, a consumer mindset, and very superficial news reporting. Especially this latter part is becoming a major problem all over the world in recent times. Moreover, watching television requires no creative input from the viewer, which “dumbs down” our society’s potential.

#3 Hand Dryers

Hand dryers have been the source of a lot of frustration. On paper, the idea of a hand dryer is simple, as it removes the need to wipe your hands manually. Sadly, a lot of devices seem to have a mind of their own, resulting in too much or too little hot air gushing over your hands. Moreover, the “eco-friendly” aspect of these hand dryers is rendered moot, as users often even to wipe their hands on some piece of paper after all.

#2 The Selfie Stick

It is hard to ignore the selfie stick these days, even though a lot of people feel this “device” should have never been created in the first place. It is a great tool to take pictures of oneself without having to angle the short in an awkward position. Unfortunately, selfie sticks are often used for pointless exercises, such as flooding social media with pictures of oneself. For fail video compilations, however, they are a must-have device.

#1 Magnetic Stripe Readers

In the world of card payments, magnetic stripe readers have opened many doors over the past few decades, Retailers large and small can accept international card payments with little effort, even though they must pay a steep fee to do so. The magnetic stripe reader allows for customers to scan a card, rather than use a PIN code or any other secure form of payment.

With Visa and MasterCard pushing for global EMV card adoption, it seems the longevity of magnetic stripe readers will come to an end very soon. Despite their potential, these readers haven’t been secure, and criminals have taken advantage of these devices on many occasions. It is due time consumers are offered a secure environment when making a card payment and magnetic stripe readers have no role to play in this evolution.

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