34 Bytes Announces Free Bitcoin Payment Terminal Beta Testing

Now that Coinkite has abandoned their payment terminal customers, merchants and individual Bitcoin sellers will have to look for alternative solutions. Businesses in the United States might take a closer look at 34 Bytes as they are running a Merchant Beta Testing Program for their payment terminals.

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34 Bytes Wants Merchants To Accept Bitcoin

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Payment Terminal 34 Bytes

It is not easy for merchants to venture into the Bitcoin world if they are looking for payment terminal solutions these days. Coinkite was one of the very few companies gaining any traction in this regard, and their decision to shut down all services has not been received all that well. But luckily, there is light on the horizon, in the form of 34 Bytes LLC.

This relatively unknown company in San Francisco USA is currently offering their Bitcoin payment terminal free of charge to merchants. Rather than investing in a device that may or may not work correctly, business owners get a chance to test the device at no additional costs, and they get to keep the POS terminal as well.

But there is more to this offer, as 34 Bytes will not charge any fees for Bitcoin payment processing during the first six weeks of using the POS terminal. Once those six weeks are over, regular fees will be applicable. Offering the terminal free of charge is a smart move, as the company is looking for valuable feedback from merchants to see how they can improve their offering.

One potential drawback to this offering is how retailers will need to sign up for an account with Bitcoin exchange Coinbase. 34 Bytes has mentioned how this step is necessary for the time being, although the company is working on supporting additional third-party services over the coming months. No details were provided as to which services would be eligible for integration.

Although there is an argument to be made for how accepting Bitcoin payments doesn’t even require POS terminals, there seems to be a high demand for solutions not involving smartphones or tablets. With no major player in the POS terminal market right now, 34 Bytes is stepping up to the plate and stake their claim. Only time will tell if their plans will work out or not.

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