3 Ways Everyone Can Spend Bitcoin Right Now

Spending Bitcoin remains a bit of mystery to most novice users these days. Albeit obtaining Bitcoin itself is not easy either, a lot of people are wondering what they should do with their cryptocurrency. In this article, we list a few use cases to buy goods or services with Bitcoin. Some of these options may require intermediary tools or services, though.

Paying Mobile Top-ups With Bitcoin

Several mobile providers around the world let their users top up credit with Bitcoin. Mobile Vikings, a provider active in a handful of European countries, integrated Bitcoin top-ups a few years ago. Bitrefill is a popular online service supporting many different providers, even if the companies do not support cryptocurrency directly.

Over in India, users of the Unocoin Bitcoin wallet can use cryptocurrency to top up mobile credit as well. This frictionless integration into wallet services is an option worth exploring further for developers. The majority of mobile providers around the world accept card payments as well, although that requires Bitcoin users to obtain one of the many debit cards is existence to date.

Food Tastes Better When Paid With Bitcoin

Although this may be an obvious example, there are several food delivery services accepting Bitcoin directly. Takeaway.com is perhaps the biggest company to do so, as they are active in a dozen different countries around the world. They process Bitcoin payments as soon as transactions hit the network, which is beneficial when finding oneself in a hungry state.

Other services offering a similar experience can be found in Foodler, PizzaForCoins, and Menufy. For users who prefer to dine out in a physical location, the Airbitz business directory – found inside the wallet software – will point you in the right directory. Paying for food with Bitcoin makes the overall experience a lot more fun.

Grocery Shopping (With A Bitcoin Debit Card)

Perhaps the biggest use case for Bitcoin is spending it on purchases we make every single day. Grocery shopping plays a critical role in this process, albeit there are very few locations where Bitcoin payments are accepted directly. Luckily for us enthusiasts, there are plenty of Bitcoin debit cards to choose from these days.

While Bitcoin debit cards should only be seen as a temporary solution before widespread Bitcoin adoption becomes a thing, they certainly have their use. Nearly every store accepts card payments these days, which also means they accept Bitcoin debit cards. For the merchant, they will receive a card payment like normal. But for the user, they get to spend Bitcoin in a convenient manner on things they need.

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