The 3 Most Gruesome Murders of All Time

According to the National System of Public Security, there have been over 33,000 murders logged in 2018. The numbers actually increased as there were around 31,000 murders noted in 2017. 

Murder is still one of the most heinous crimes out there, but thanks to today’s technology and the internet, everyone can easily know the details of many murders that shook an entire population. There are now numerous sites dedicated to sharing the details of many famous murders.

There’s simply nothing that could stop people from sharing such content and we’re here to share three of the most disturbing and popular murders of all time that are just too intriguing. 

#3 The Murder of Kunz Family

The murder of the Kunz family happened in their home in Athens, Wisconsin. It was 1987 when this happened. Three Kunz siblings were found murdered by gunshot by their nephew. Not only the three siblings were found dead.

Another nephew of the siblings also found his two aunts, uncle, and brother lifeless in a separate trailer in the same property. What he also noticed is that his mother, Helen, was also missing. It was only after nine months since the murders were discovered that Helen’s body was found with murdered with a headshot.

It is believed that Helen did murder her own family members, but what’s really disturbing is that the police found that the Kunz’ house was full of inappropriate images involving the family. This made them come to the conclusion that the Kunz family was incestuous. 

#2 The Vampire Killer of Sacramento

Just judging by the name of this killer, you’ll think that the murders have been definitely bloody. Richard Chase was known for drinking his victims’ blood and this is mainly why he’s called the Vampire Killer in the 1970s.

Chase had six victims in Sacramento, California. The bodies of these victims were all mutilated. Surely, all serial killers are not on the right mind to have done what they did, but Chase is quite a case. He had a tough childhood with his father who never really noticed the signs that his son might just be a sociopath.

Richard Chase Mugshot

At a young age, Chase has already displayed cruelty to animals, constantly wets his bed, and would randomly start fires. Since he got no help from his family, Chase became problematic as he got old. What really fueled his tendencies is the use of psychotropic drugs and alcohol abuse.

Chase eventually had delusions and believed that he was a walking corpse. At one point, he had a fascination with blood and this started when he was institutionalized at the age of 25. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospital assistants witnessed him kills birds and drink their blood.

He was released from the mental institution as they thought that he has gotten better at some point, but this wasn’t really the case. He still got no solid support from friends nor family and ended up living alone.

His fascination with blood just got worse as he started to kill more small animals. He’d then blend the organs of his kills with soda and happily drink the mixture. 

It was on December 29, 1977 when he finally had his first human victim. This was the start of his six murders. After killing six people, the cops eventually found pieces of evidence pointing at Chase. When they searched his apartment, they found his bloody utensils and his fridge that contained human brains.

Chase was sentenced for six counts of murder and he was to be executed in the gas chamber. However, his inmates pressured him into killing himself. They were afraid of him and Chase did just what they wanted. In 1980, he was found dead in his cell through overdose.

#1 Pogo the Clown

John Wayne Gacy is every people who have coulrophobia’s worst nightmare. He got his name because, at some point, Gacy joined the Jolly Joker club that allowed him to perform in birthday parties and hospitals while dressed as a clown. He became Pogo the Clown as he performed and so the name just really stuck. 

Pogo the Clown who murdered numerous men and teenage boys in the 1970s. His first kill happened on January 2, 1972, when he met a 16-year old boy named Timothy McCoy at the Chicago bus terminal.

John Wayne Gacy Mugshot

He had let Timothy stay at his place as he made his way to Iowa from Michigan. In the morning, Timothy decided to make breakfast for Gacy as a way to say thanks, but things got out of hand.

Gacy thought that Timothy had bad intentions. Timothy forgot to put the knife he used to make breakfast down. This made Gacy freak and stab Timothy on the chest, believing that the kid wanted to kill him. 

He buried Timothy’s body in the crawlspace under his house, but what he did became is awakening. He felt a thrill he’s never felt before and this was just really the start of his obsession to kill more. For six years, Gacy was able to kill 32 more people who he all buried with Timothy.