247Exchange comes up with exciting way of buying and selling Bitcoins

Finding the perfect exchange on the cryptocurrency market can be considered a difficult experience, mostly due to the fact that there are a wide variety of choices and each of them offer similar solutions. However, an exchange that is fairly different when compared to the rest is known as 247exchange, which has just announced a new method of buying and selling Bitcoin instantly via money transfers.

With this in mind, 247exchange, together with its main partner, MoneyPolo, which is a large money transfer network have released an innovative method that people from all around the world can use to buy and sell Bitcoins. At this moment in time, the feature has been introduced at over 400,000 locations, including banks, post offices, money exchangers, stores and so on, in around 130 countries. This partnership has just offered millions of people the opportunity to get involved with Bitcoin, in a fast and easy way which doesn’t even require users to have a bank account.

To be able to use the service, customers will need to have cash, an ID and visit one of the half a million branches of the exchange in order to initiate an immediate transfer. Once this is done, users will then be able to receive their bitcoins, thus making the process insanely quick.

As mentioned in a press statement, the aim of 247exchange is get people closer to Bitcoin and help many understand what this financial system is really about. Together with this, the service also strives to help people buy/sell bitcoins in developing countries, where such a transaction may not have been possible until now. While taking Bitcoin to the most remote areas of the world is a true challenge, the exchange and their partners believe in it, and the new developments that they have made takes them one step closer to fulfilling this goal.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, 247exchange, which is run by InterMoney Exchange will soon start playing a stronger influence in granting people ways of selling, buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies, thanks to this new and exciting instant method.