12Charge introduces Bitcoin-accepting utilities payment platform

Every day that passes makes cryptocurrencies somewhat more popular, and extending their use represents a goal that different companies from all around the world have at this moment in time. In order to further extend the uses of digital currencies, companies like 12charge.com have begun working on exciting ideas, meant to broaden the number of people who currently use Bitcoin.

Recently, the folks at 12charge.com have launched an interesting system, which is bound to make payments for utilities much easier from all the points of view. Users will now be able to access their site in order to charge up their mobile phones with credit, but also to pay for their utility bills and for other services including travel SIM cards, game credits, telephony services based on VoIP and more. As all of these are platforms are somewhat limited because of the currently available payment methods, the fact that Bitcoin and other digital currencies will be accepted is great news.

The company has recently stated: “We are proud to present our users all around the world the possibility to recharge mobile phones virtually everywhere and to pay online for a number of other expenses. 12charge is not just a typical “recharge website” – a lot of services are available to our users; and we are working hard to add support of each and every existing carrier, and to make it possible to pay online for utility bills, TV/internet, etc. worldwide!’’

With everything that has been outlined so far in mind, 12charge is now a great provider of payment services, which is available in over 100 countries. Users can also choose to quickly pay for their utilities via other methods including credit cards and PayPal, so the site has basically become a one-stop for paying most of your bills. Thanks to the fact that it makes paying for certain services easier, not only will more people begin doing their payments this way, but the popularity of Bitcoin and other digital currencies will also increase.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about this platform? Will it become a prominent one on the market? Let us know your thoughts.

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