Consumers Prefer Biometrics Over Logins and Passwords

The way we use passwords for authentication and security purposes is changing, and biometrics are becoming more prominent every year. That is only normal, as biometrics are the easiest solution, whereas coming up with unique and strong passwords can be quite difficult.

Biometrics Are The New Lazy Password Solutions

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Regardless of how people want to look at things, the way we interact with passwords on a daily basis can be quite cumbersome when taking security into account. Most consumers – and enterprises – use insecure password combinations, and tend to reuse the same combination for multiple platforms.

People who take security a lot more serious will make use of password managers, such as Lastpass. The primary purpose of these tools is to help users create robust and unique passwords for every platform, which are then stored in a vault. Moreover, most of these solutions are available across different platforms and operating systems, making them rather easy and convenient to use.

According to Techradar, a recent survey of 4,000 consumers across the US and the UK showed the majority would prefer using biometrics for authentication and security measures, rather than deal with logins and passwords. While it is good to see users getting sick and tired of logins and passwords, biometrics are not fool-proof either in their current form.

One of the biggest downsides to using biometrics is how they can’t be changed. DNA and fingerprints are simply a part of who we are, which makes them unique but also a security risk. Once somebody managed to game one’s biometrics, there is nothing that can be done to change or replace them.

Consumers may feel biometrics are more secure, but then again, anything is more secure than logins and passwords. However, the security of logins and passwords partially hinges on how users store and secure them. Moreover, the services where we use those details have a responsibility to protect the information as well. Unfortunately, that seems to be the biggest security concern for now.

Source: Tech Radar

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