Bitcoin VPN Service Review – IPVanish

VPN service providers see a lot of value in accepting Bitcoin payments. A lot of people use a VPN to mask their internet traffic and maintain privacy online. It makes sense for these providers to accept payments that respect privacy as well. IPVanish is one of those providers, and they present themselves as being the “simple solution for Internet privacy.”

IPVanish Does What It Is Supposed To

Considering how it is becoming more common to use a VPN these days, service providers have to work hard to stand out among their competitors. IPVanish does this by offering mobile applications for all devices, and guaranteeing access to the world’s fastest servers. Moreover, the company keeps no traffic logs, which is an absolute must these days.

But there is more, as IPVanish also allows users to use peer-to-peer protocols, and even approves anonymous torrenting. Users are not limited to using only one device per connection simultaneously. In fact, as many as five devices can use a connection at any given time without issue.

Price-wise, IPVanish is not the cheapest VPN solution, though. Their monthly plan costs US$10, although a one-year subscription brings down the price to US$77.99. Comparing these figures to other service providers, IPVanish is not ridiculously expensive either. However, there are cheaper solutions available, depending on one’s needs and preferences.

In the apps department, IPVanish engineers are providing solutions for virtually every platform available today. They even support Windows Phone and Chromebooks, something very few VPN providers actively do these days. It is equally possible to set up their solution on the router itself, assuming the device is running either DD-WRT or Tomato.

It has to be said that IPVanish has one of the largest collections of servers in the world today. Their 700+ servers are located across several dozen countries, providing solutions for everyone in the world. In fact, they have more European servers than access points in North America, which is quite interesting. Plus, their six servers that are located in Africa can be useful to some people as well.

It is evident that IPVanish is one of the market leaders in the VPN industry. They have received a lot of recognition for their services over the years. The fact that they accept Bitcoin only improves their position compared to other market contenders at the moment. Even though they might not be the cheapest solution, they offer a very attractive service.

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  • Will Moore

    Other great VPN providers can also be found that are accepting BTC payments. But for me it is not so relevant, because there is no way one could connect payment with actual usage of service paid… In other words if not using BTC, adversaries could be able to see WHAT you did pay for (VPN is not forbidden to buy yet), but not what you used service for, except VPN provider does not hand over those data.

  • Caitoothom

    IPVanish has not been good in providing especially the support. I switched to PureVPN and they are providing really good support and service. I love their holiday season discount as well as their awesome deals.

  • LeopoldT

    man bitcoin should be the official currency of the world. 😀 Though I think SSL security (https) domains should take care of it but to be extra cautious, I bought my subscription of ivacy vpn with bitcoins since they offered me this feature. Still better to be safe than sorry.