Zytara Becomes Official NFT Partner of Dignitas

Zytara Labs, a full-service NFT production firm, has announced it will be the official NFT Partner of HBSE-owned Dignitas together with a multi-year partnership. Zytara creates unique and strange digital goods for musical artists, pro-athletes, big corporations, and well-known personalities within the show business

Most recently, Zytara received international media recognition for its support within the launch of the Floyd Mayweather NFT which was released to celebrate the famed legacy of the 50-0 world champion boxer. 

Other NFTs Launched by Zytara: 

  • Partnership with the Dole #SunshineForAll campaign with artist David Datuna.
  • Collaboration between Latin Grammy Award Winning Singer Ozuna and Contemporary French Pop Artist Richard Orlinski. 

The CEO of Zytara, Al Burgio, who is a 20-year veteran in the tech and finance space, is excited to see the vision of Zytara align with the storied eSports franchise. 

“As a global leader in the emerging eSports community, Dignitas is one of the most powerful brands we can partner with right now. They have one of the largest followings in the industry. Fans are constantly looking for new ways to interact with players on the roster, and Zytara couldn’t be happier to partner with this critical mission of growing that team even further,” Burgio said.  

Multi-Year Partnership 

There will be several phases during the multi-year cooperation between Zytara and Dignitas. One of the most significant milestones on the horizon is the launch of the Zytara NFT platform, which is set to debut in Q3-2021. Once live, the NFT platform will produce a series of Dignitas NFT collections and playing cards supported through the DigitalBits protocol. 

The platform will serve to digitally memorialize players and seasonal events, celebrate momentous occasions, and provides rare opportunities for fans to become more engaged with their favorite entertainers. To extend fan engagement, Zytara Labs and Dignitas will cooperate through campaigns on social media and launch Twitch giveaways.

Beyond the work mentioned here, Zytara’s platform is capable of designing NFTs across:

  •  Entertainment Industry 
  • Customer Loyalty and Rewards
  • Fan Engagement 
  • eSports 
  • Art

Zytara builds upon other NFT platforms like Ethereum by designing tokens that are faster, cheaper and more efficient. With the DigitalBits partnership, Zytara has access to a high throughput NFT platform which will have the flexibility to transact more powerfully than many of its predecessors. On top of that, it doesn’t charge the astronomical gas fees that Ethereum does. 

Dignitas has established itself as one of the world’s most successful eSports companies, having won 18 World Championships in the gaming space. Dignitas is owned by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) who purchased Dignitas in 2016. HBSE contains a robust portfolio of world-renowned companies that features the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils (NHL) and lots of others.