Zilliqa Incentivizes Community Members to Engage in Project Development

Thousands of different blockchain projects are competing for traction today. Zilliqa is often overlooked, yet the newly launched platform Zillacracy may help change that narrative.

Development of a blockchain ecosystem needs a lot of work.

A big Step Forward for Zilliqa

While most projects have a dedicated team of coders, external help and ideas are always welcome.

This is why the Zilliqa team decided to launch a new platform.

Known as Zillacracy, it is designed to aid and support community development for this ecosystem.

There are many people who can contribute to new or existing projects on any blockchain ecosystem.

Finding and nurturing those talented individuals has remained an ongoing struggle.

For community members, this new platform allows for participation in technical and non-technical projects alike.

An ecosystem can thrive in different ways, and coding is only one small aspect of achieving that ultimate goal.

All contributors will be rewarded for their work, based on the objectives and milestones achieved.

New projects can be submitted or applied for during the first stage.

If approved, the Zillacracy Council will discuss granting of funds and how the code will be implemented exactly.

It is good to see such a new project being launched.

More cryptocurrency projects do not engage their community in an incentivized manner.