Yet Another Dental Clinic Implements Dentacoin

The success of any business plan relies on faith in your model and others’ willingness to adopt it. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies and the ocean of projects funded by ICOs. One project that is doing particularly well for itself is Dentacoin. It has recently partnered with dental clinics in Europe and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Yet Another Dental Clinic Implements Dentacoin

The Dentacoin token pre-sale helped the project develop the flagship of their operation, the Trusted Review Platform. It is in a working state -though still under development-, but partner clinics will be able to begin using Dentacoin in their daily business now. This paves the way for other clinics to adopt it in the future. They will be able to see how effective Dentacoin and its Trusted Review Platform are.

The first clinic that partnered with Dentacoin was SWISS Dentaprime. They implemented the Dentacoin token as a form of payment and also used it as a client loyalty program. SWISS Dentraprime recently issued a report outlining how much they enjoyed using Dentacoin as part of their practice. In it they outline why they believe that everyone in the dental industry should be using Dentacoin. This is because Dentacoin was both a way to obtain meaningful customer feedback and also reward customers for giving that feedback. Dentacoin’s first partner also mentioned how excited its clients were to use Dentacoin. In fact, receiving Dentacoin was more exciting to patients than receiving gift cards and vouchers in Euro. Explaining what Dentacoin was and how to use it also fostered a closer relationship between the clinic and the patients. The clinic feels that Dentacoin makes the overall user experience better.

A second clinic recently began implementing Dentacoin in their day to day as well. London’s F3T Dental Clinic partnered with Dentacoin after learning about SWISS Dentaprime’s positive experiences. They also use Dentacoin as a payment method and a client rewards program. This clinic is extremely excited to being using Dentacoin’s Trusted Review Platform, since it is tamper resistant and automated. The Trusted Review Platform is not censored, it rewards and encourages customer feedback, its reviews can be trusted, and its community is global. All of these things mean the platform will help solidify the clinic’s online presence, reach new potential patients, and integrate Dentacoin into their business even more. Dentacoin is playing a role in the future of the clinic and of the entire dental industry as we know it.

The future of Dentacoin and the future of dentistry seem to be linked. As more practices adopt Dentacoin for payments, rewards, and reviews, others in the industry will see the power the blockchain for their clinics as well. These two early reports show how Dentacoin is improving the lives of patients and making dentists smile.

SWISS Dentaprime’s Report:

F3T Dental Clinic to use Trusted Review Platform:

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