Yes, You Can Now Buy Guns With Bitcoin

Spending cryptocurrency has always been slightly more cumbersome than it needs to be. One would expect the majority of online merchants to accept Bitcoin by now, but that is not the case. Even the most recent Bitcoin price spike hasn’t changed this situation for the better. Thankfully, there are still companies willing to venture into the world of cryptocurrency. Frontier Tactical, a US-based firearms manufacturer, took the plunge earlier this week.

Legally Buying Guns With Bitcoin

No one is surprised to learn buying guns is almost the new normal in the United States. Interested parties must still adhere to very strict rules, but it has become socially acceptable to buy and own a firearm. For people who wished to pay for a gun with something other than cash or a credit card, their choices have been somewhat limited. Frontier Tactical has changed all that, as the company now accepts Bitcoin as a payment option. It’s a remarkable decision by the disabled veteran-owned company, to say the least.

The company decided to make this move thanks to the growing popularity of all cryptocurrencies. Even in the firearms industry, people keep a close eye on how these markets are evolving over time. While this particular industry isn’t known for embracing or harnessing new (financial) technologies, Frontier Tactical is trying to become a new trendsetter. Its team hopes that both their guns and their payment options will give them an edge over the competition.

Some people may recall reports that another firearms manufacturer, TrackingPoint, was rumored to be accepting Bitcoin back in 2014. However, it seems that was a case of inaccurate reporting by local media sources. The company had plans to accept Bitcoin at that time, but after a brief review, it decided against doing so. To this day, no one knows why that decision was made, but it means that Frontier Tactical is the first US firearms manufacturer to embrace the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Someone has to be the first in any industry to accept Bitcoin payments. Now that pretty much everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, there is no better time to start accepting them. It may not necessarily attract a lot of new customers immediately, but giving existing and new customers additional options can only be considered a good thing. Paying with Bitcoin is now possible for all visitors to the Frontier Tactical website.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has plans on the table to enable altcoin payment support in the future. For now, there is no official word on which other currencies are being considered. It is good to see companies such as Frontier Tactical acknowledge that cryptocurrencies have a role to play in the world of payments. This also means we may see fewer negative associations between online firearms sales and Bitcoin. In most cases, such activity was restricted to the darknet, as no mainstream stores or manufacturers offered this option until now.

Frontier Tactical is a genuine pioneer in this regard. It is commendable to see this firearms manufacturer take such a bold step in the right direction. Whether or not it will see a lot of success with Bitcoin payments remains to be seen. It has nothing to lose by enabling the payment method, after all. It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers follow Frontier Tactical’s lead.