XRP Unlocks 1bn Tokens, Price Dump Incoming? Raboo Set to Displace Pepe In 2024

Ripple is currently making headlines after releasing an incredible 1 billion XRP tokens earlier this week, triggering concerns of a potential sell-off of the token among investors.

Raboo, a new meme coin suitable for crypto beginners, is also generating significant interest through the media with its groundbreaking technology fused with AI and Social-Fi features. Interestingly, while still in its presale, many investors have already tipped Raboo to surpass top names within the meme sector like PEPE and become one of the best meme coins in 2024.

XRP price faces downward pressure after 1 billion token unlock

Despite Ripple’s recent release of 1 billion XRP tokens being just part of its regular monthly unlocking process, it sparked lots of negative sentiments among investors regarding XRP’s price outlook.  Whenever a significant amount of tokens are unlocked or released, a decline in the price is usually expected. As investors are aware of the impact of token unlocks on XRP in this case, they have begun to shy away from investing in XRP and are looking into projects with potential gains instead.

CoinMarketCap currently tracks XRP at the price $0.4452, representing a 5.86% decline over the last 24 hours and also 5.87% drop in the previous week. Hence the impact of the large amount of XRP tokens released would be a potential fall in the price of XRP. However, due to a recent lawsuit victory, XRP has potential to overturn its downtrend in the future.

Should you invest in PEPE? Price decline casts doubt despite rising user engagement

As of July 4, 2024, CoinMarketCap tracked the price of PEPE at $0.000009336, a 9.07% decrease over the past 24 hours. This decline suggests that the PEPE token is struggling amid a broader market pullback. Along with its price, PEPE’s market capitalization has also declined to a current value of $3.92 billion. 

On the positive side, PEPE has been experiencing an increase in activity in its addresses as per an analysis by AMBCrypto, a cryptocurrency news and analytical  platform. Although an increased number of active addresses often reflects a growing interest in PEPE, its current decline makes it unfavorable for some people to invest in.

Crypto beginners excited As Raboo’s outperforms other altcoins by growth

The current surge in growth within Raboo’s ecosystem has been causing smiles on the faces of novice investors lately. This growth is well noticed in its ongoing presale, which has raised over $1.9 million by selling $RABT tokens and in its presale price which has witnessed a 60% increase, giving it potential to outperform top altcoins like PEPE in 2024. 

Raboo is currently in Stage 4 of its presale with a modest price of $0.0048v, which is very affordable even for crypto beginners; but what’s more interesting is that it has the potential to skyrocket by a 100 fold from its initial price after it launches. With such significant growth potential, it’s clear that Raboo has the potential to redefine the landscape of meme culture and cement its place among the industry’s elite. 

Looking into Raboo’s marketing efforts it has placed a strong emphasis on fostering a thriving community of meme enthusiasts. Through interactive events, exclusive content, and rewarding participation, Raboo has cultivated a dedicated following that actively contributes to its growth and evolution of the meme ecosystem. 


XRP’s recent token unlocked, as well as PEPE’s decline indicate a strong bearish signal for the two top altcoins. But this is not so for the new meme coin Raboo as it is not just excelling already in its presale but has the potential to skyrocket incredibly and become one of the best altcoins worth investing in 2024.

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