XRP has Overtaken Ethereum Again in the Transaction Volume Department

The growth of a blockchain ecosystem can be achieved through different means. One option is to look at the network’s transaction volume over time.

If that is the go-to metric, Ripple’s XRP is seemingly doing a lot of things right.

XRP Notes Major Transaction Growth

It is evident that comparing this network to either Bitcoin or Ethereum has no real point, on paper.

Ripple is targeting a very different audience compared to both of these cryptocurrencies.

That said, a lot can be learnt from looking at the overall growth in transaction volume.

Looking at those statistics, it has become apparent that XRP is on the right track as of late. 

Its network notes a very strong increase in transactions since early 2019.

So much even that it has surpassed Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin alike.

Particularly this latter network has seen very little action to speak of, as it remains relatively flat in this particular department. 

Even though Ethereum had overtaken XRP in late 2018, it seems that situation has now turned around completely.

The past few months have yielded many headlines for Ripple, some of which involve their native asset.

There appears to be an increasing interest in the company’s On-Demand Liquidity, which could explain the increase in blockchain transactions overall.

Despite the success of Ripple’s asset, Ethereum remains well ahead of Bitcoin in this department.

Depending on how the situation evolves, these statistics may look very different in six to twelve months from today.

Cryptocurrency networks an blockchains will continue to grow and evolve over time, both in terms of scalability and their daily transaction volume.