XML Gold Exchange Is Excited About The Future of Bitcoin

Many people see  a very bright future for Bitcoin outside of the realm of digital currencies, and one of the most prominent companies to express that sentiment is XML Gold. Some people may have heard of this platform before, as they are active in the world of exchanging Bitcoin and digital currency for quite some time now.

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XML Gold Remains Keen on Bitcoin

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Any exchange platform that merges Bitcoin with more traditional online payment option would benefit from price volatility associated with digital currencies. However, the Bitcoin price has been relatively flat for the past few months, which begs the question whether or not there is a continued demand to exchange the digital currency against other payment solutions.

But XML Gold remains confident the demand for Bitcoin will continue to grow over the coming years, although sellers – in general – are not too keen on Bitcoin itself. Granted, they will accept the currency to attract more customers, but they will also look to convert it to a different form of money as soon as possible.

However, there are also those who will keep a portion of incoming transfers in Bitcoin as they want to benefit from future price increases if those will ever happen. Plus, some companies are quite happy about Bitcoin, such as Overstock.com for example. XML Gold feels more companies will take a page out of their book, and at last keep a fraction of every payment in Bitcoin.

“It is not always convenient to pay with bitcoins: you need to take your smartphone, look for an app, scan a QR code… This can push off even those clients who have bitcoins. There are various approaches to the try to make bitcoin payments faster, like sending a payment request to the client’s smartphone and he only needs to press OK. But this isn’t safe. Another way of payment is an NFC-chip placed in a smartphone or a plastic card.”

Bitcoin is not ready to become as popular as other [online[ payment solutions in existence right now. But at the same time, it will only be a matter of time until that situation changes. Until that time, however, exchange platforms like XML Gold will be more than happy to facilitate the exchange between different payment solutions and Bitcoin.

Source: XML Gold

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