Xbox One Will Get BitTorrent Support Through Universal Windows Platform

Things are getting very interesting in the technology sector, as rumors have surfaced regarding Xbox One users being able to run a BitTorrent client shortly. Despite BitTorrent always being associated with internet piracy, Microsoft has [finally] seen the benefit of this technology. First, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin, now they embrace BitTorrent!

Xbox One Torrent Clients Are Coming

TheMerkle_BitTorrent Xbox One

The BitTorrent protocol can be used for many legitimate reasons, ranging from content distribution to sharing files with family and friends. In the past few years, several initiatives have launched to bring more legitimacy to this protocol, including BitTorrent Bundles, and now the opportunity to live stream events through a Torrent client.

That being said, bringing a torrent client to Xbox One owners is quite a change of pace and a very positive move by Microsoft. Now that the technology giant is focusing on bridging the gap between Windows on PC and Xbox One, announcements like these will bring that unified ecosystem one step closer.

Finebits OU, an Estonian developer, alerted the world about this imminent availability on the Xbox One platform, as the team is preparing the software for cross-platform compatibility. Universal Windows Platform is getting ready to launch very shortly, and Torrex Pro will be one of the very first torrent clients which will be cross-platform compatible.

For the time being, it remains unclear as to what type of functionality users can expect from the Torrex Pro client. Given the limit access to the console’s hard drive, and how using a browser with a controller is a pain in the neck, it could very well end up being a media playing platform. In fact, given the recent news regarding being able to watch live streams over the BitTorrent protocol, that seems rather likely.

The developers have not revealed much information to this extent either, although they did mention how Universal Windows Platform works as a standard API, it is possible to offer the same features as its desktop counterpart. More information will be revealed over the next few weeks, and these are quite exciting times for BitTorrent enthusiasts.

Source: Wired UK

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