World’s Most Expensive Dinner to Aid Nigerian Children Can Be Purchased with Cryptocurrency

It is evident cryptocurrencies can do a lot of good for people in need. Charities have seen merit in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the past. It now seems there is an intriguing opportunity for the do-gooders in the cryptocurrency world. The sale of the “world’s most expensive dinner” by the World of Diamonds Group will occur soon, and it can be paid for entirely with cryptocurrency.

Using Cryptocurrency to aid Nigerian Children

Some people may be familiar with the plan put together by the World of Diamonds Group. The venture created the world’s most expensive dinner in 2016, which also comes with a blue diamond ring. The price tag of $2 million certainly makes it a lot more expensive than what most people feel comfortable paying for food and drinks. At the same time, this dinner is all about charity, as the proceeds will be used to help out 8,000 Nigerian children in need.

To put this into perspective, this dinner was originally scheduled to be bought by Ville Oehman of V Diamonds. His plan was to attach an initial coin offering to this dinner, by selling tokens valued at $2 each. Unfortunately, that initial coin offering never took place, even though a lot of people showed an interest in obtaining a stake in the 2.08-carat blue diamond ring. At the same time, one of the investors was to win this expensive dinner.

While the concept of an ICO for social good seemed legitimate, it never got off the ground. On March 6, 2018, V Diamonds acknowledged the plan was no longer happening and that the sale of the world’s most expensive dinner had been nullified. As of right now, the complete package is still up for grabs for the price of $2 million. This includes the diamond ring as well as the dinner itself, first-class round-trip tickets to Singapore, and a few other goodies. It is a great way to help children in need and enjoy some of the most luxurious things in the world at the same time.

For those people interested, the meal can be purchased either with cash or with cryptocurrencies. It appears that paying using a combination of both is not possible at this time, yet it goes to show charities are continuing to pay close attention to Bitcoin and similar currencies. With a total of 18 courses of food to dine on, it is evident the meal itself is more than worth the money, especially when considering all of the other accommodations included.

While the main focus of this venture may be on the luxury side of things, it is important to remember the bigger picture. This meal is primarily designed to aid 8,000 Nigerian children who are in dire need of support. A quarter of the sale will be donated to a Danish charity active in the country. The organization tries to aid Nigerian children who are accused of witchcraft, mainly due to disabilities, harvest failures, and so forth. Those issues are still very much present in countries such as Nigeria.

It is evident the charitable aspect of the “world’s most expensive dinner” is not to be overlooked whatsoever. While all of the luxuries will make most people drool, it is always important to keep the bigger picture in mind. Whether or not this package is purchased with cryptocurrency or cash remains to be determined. It is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry either way, as ventures like these bring more legitimacy to this form of money.