World’s Largest Artificial Sun Paves the Way for Solar Fuel Research

In theory, it is more than possible to create an artificial version of every object known to Man. German scientists have built the world’s largest artificial sun and successfully trialed their project. As a result of their hard work, they can now effectively recreate sunlight by touching one button. Solar simulators are quite impressive, to say the least.

An Artificial Sun Is Quite Powerful

Although a lot of people may not realize the power an artificial sun holds, it is not a concept that should be overlooked by any means. In fact, this artificial light can be used for many great purposes. In this particular case, the scientists aim to improve production processes for solar fuels, including hydrogen.

When it comes to renewable energy sources, hydrogen may very well be the next frontier of modern science. Now that this energy source can be conjured at will, interesting things will await our society in the future. It takes 159 powerful short-arc lamps to generate the artificial sunlight, quite a spectacular amount.

As one would expect from an artificial sun, the device is capable of outputting a lot of light and reach high temperatures at the same time. The light production is 10,000 times more intense compared to the solar radiation on our planet’s surface. Moreover, the target location’s temperature can go as high as 3,000 degrees centigrade. Rest assured no human being wants to get caught in the beam of this artificial sun by any means

More importantly, this artificial sun can be used at any given time, regardless of the current weather conditions. In fact, projects like these may provide our society quicker access to solar fuel manufacturing, which is one of the most prominent areas of research in the renewable energy source industry. It is a significant development, that much is evident.

Renewable energy sources are of great importance to our species as a whole. We have been relying on fossil fuels and other harmful energy sources for far too long. Hydrogen, for example, can be one of the future renewable energy sources, as it does not produce carbon dioxide while the fuel burns. If this concept can be turned into a viable energy source, the world of transportation will be turned on its head.

It is evident scientists all over the world are looking at artificial solutions as a way to bypass any limitations imposed by external factors. In this case, removing the need for perfect weather conditions is a significant step in the right direction. An artificial sun is a nifty concept that could have a big impact on the future of renewable energy sources.

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