Worldline Wants to Improve Bitcoin Merchant Adoption in Switzerland

Bitcoin payments are a far cry from becoming a mainstream solution. In Switzerland, that situation is slightly different. Wordline and Bitcoin Suisse have an interesting plan in this regard. 

Both companies will try to boost the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments throughout Switzerland. Their letter of intent for a partnership can be the catalyst this industry so direly needs. 

Worldline Sees Merit in Bitcoin

Worldline is widely considered to be the European leader in payments and transactional services. Bitcoin Suisse is the oldest cryptocurrency-oriented financial services company in Switzerland.

Both powerhouses aim to step up the rate at which Swiss merchants accept Bitcoin and select altcoins. This will be done by leveraging the existing infrastructure provided by SIX Payment Services.

Further details regarding this partnership are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. 

By utilizing an existing payment network, Worldine and Bitcoin Suisse hope to drastically lower the barrier to entry for merchants. 

The fact that Worldline is willing to lend a hand is a significant nod of approval for the Bitcoin industry worldwide.

Bitcoin Suisse is also doing its part by trying to advance the industry as a whole.

Initiatives like these need to occur on a global scale, rather than remain isolated efforts. 

It is not entirely surprising to see this partnership being forged in Switzerland. 

It is one of the few regions willing to experiment with both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at the same time.

There are also several hundred projects in development to provide cryptocurrency and blockchain services to Swiss companies.

Combined with Worldline’s network of 85,000 merchants in Switzerland, interesting things are bound to happen.